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1 of your drugs I’m Frank this is a video review of a bunch of really cheap pistols I found on Amazon I recently reviewed that shot gun it was a piece of crap and I asked you guys do you want to see more of this you guys overwhelmingly said yes so here is my attempt at reviewing a bunch of very cheap products these are not performance oriented blasters these are all like prop tear the U. shells they’re super cheap there just junk I don’t think any of you guys are actually gonna buy any of these blasters but I’ll review anyways just for the wells a quick breakdown of the blasters these 3 right here a very similar because the U. shells and fire these tiny tiny little darts each have cool looking little suppressors and we pull back on the slide to Shelly Jack so they’re all pretty similar and you have these 2 which fired the same ammo which are these like full on looking cartridges for 14 backseat which are the cheapest that I’m reviewing here in the prop style revolver pretty bad performance but it’s actually pretty fun to play within the minute you’re 1911 which is just a total piece of trash the cheapest plasters are about $14 the most expensive is about $30 keep that in mind as I’m reviewing these products very inexpensive very cheaply built for the most part but they’re pretty fun let’s get into the review browse. Now a pretty brief overview of each blaster 1 by 1 I will be giving each 1 of these a nickname which you can find in the description box if you want to purchase them I’m not using the official product name or anything this is just for the video first up the blaster I’m referring to is the white and blue clock this is spring powered magazine fed blaster which uses shells so to load it you get these tiny little darts they’re ridiculously small shop in another cell like that input the shell with around loaded into the magazine and you get the loaded magazine put it into the blaster I’m back you know you’re ready to fire 1 time and when you prime again the show will be checked as from the blaster and that’s the whole gimmick that they’re selling here it looks pretty cool it has shells it takes magazines you know it’s fun to play with the performance is garbage but the performance out of all of these is absolutely trash it’s just not even worth shooting but on the bright side you can load in empty shells and just sit there and dry fire in pull back the slide to get the shells to reject which saves you a step of picking up the darts loading them and it’s not even worth shooting as you’ll see in the firing them out features of this plaster it has a removable silencer just like these other 2 this 1’s just friction fit in C. shop in the barrel like that it’s a black suppressor which I think is a really dumb thing to put on the front of a toy and it doesn’t have the blaze orange tip don’t bring something like this outside for any reason at all even though it’s white and blue putting this that someone can be scary suppressor is really funny because it says 5.56 millimeter on the side of it which is a rifle caliber not the caliber of the Glock 18 but who cares it’s pretty fun to put it in there and kind of feel like James Bond attaching a suppressor to a pistol at least I do maybe I’m crazy maybe I’m not I don’t know what that’s a basic overview of the white blue block next up is what I’m calling the grey and yellow U. S. P. this 1 is modeled after the H. K. U. S. P. which is a real pistol it has the general aesthetic of a U. S. P. but it’s not the same dimensions the grip is to shorten this mag release is built wrong and I did. His magazine releases kind of uncomfortable this one also has a fake silencer which is just funny looking in my opinion but this one threads onto the barrel which adds to the play experience I feel way more like James Bond when I sit there and I threaded in instead of just snapping it in like the other 2 the mechanics of this one are very similar to the other 2 shell feeding blasters in the shelves the user actually all cross compatible in the end included is the same some of its black some of its blue but they’re all the same dimensions the same type of foam in the same type of tips so the loading procedure is the same thing you get that tiny little dark you shove it into the tiny little shell you get the magazine you shot that into the magazine with a magazine ends. Now I’m ready to fire once and just like the 2 walks we pull this one back to Shelly jacks which looks really cool Shelly Jackson system on the U. S. P. model is more aggressive so the shelf things further which is way cool for the style points your only by a blaster like this for the style points so that is a relevant feature here I don’t agree with the coloring on this one I think it’s way too dark without the suppressor definitely if you buy this one do not walk outside with this looking blaster it is too dark it is too realistic if you point this out someone aggressively they might get the wrong idea but it’s really quite similar to these other 2 the firing performance is equally bad all of these are so bad I’m gonna keep saying it just so you don’t get your hopes up and he starts are really hard to see the really hard to find they’re so tiny they’re just like miniature darts and it really kind of ruined the play experience because when I go to dark sweet they’re like difficult to see there that small darts sweep of these blasters annoyed me even more than picking up the hype around which are just small in height everywhere that is the U. S. B. it has the same magazine system same loading system as the other 2 blocks now moving into what I’m calling the clear and red Glock this is very similar to the white blue block but that suppressors are a little bit different in the dimensions are a little bit different as well a whole differently in the hand it’s not the same old it is a different product but the internal mechanism and how it all works is essentially the same thing if that makes sense so just like the other 2 it uses the little shells with the little tiny darts hello this one you get the little tiny dart you shove it into the shell you get the magazine you shove it in their. But the Arab prime back ready to fire once in this 1 also Shelly section which is pretty cool the U. S. B. Shelley Jackson is stronger than the Glock models though in this white and blue 1 had quite a few hiccups because it didn’t inject far enough so that it stayed in there and created a double feed which is annoying and I had to clear it out but the operation is relatively finicky I had quite a few jams and I had to quickly just clear out because you’re using these little selves sometimes the shells Dhoni Jack so they stay in there and double feed but you can see the pain of the outside of this 1 clear it’s got red internals and this 1’s cool because you can see the internals you like working you can kind of make out the internals and U. S. P. but it’s like this translucent not transparent gray colors so you can see the internals but not clearly so funny this 1 also comes with a pressure fitting suppressor that also reads 556 which is not the caliber of a Glock but whatever for $27 and I think I’m paying attention to the wrong details here so yeah this 1 works just like the other 2 I just mentioned seem shells same out the magazines in each of them are slightly different but if you push hard enough you can actually get them to work I wouldn’t recommend it because I got 1 jammed in there a little bit you should probably just use the right mag but they’re similar enough that’s what I’m getting at they’re all pretty much the same drive train was slightly different molds on the outside but yeah that is the clear in red Glock overview and all 3 of these come in at about $27 price now we’re getting into a totally different price bracket at half the price of $14 and it’s amazing the drop in quality $10 will give you at this price point these are this is a whole different level of toy I’ve seen both of these blasters for years I think every nerve for who goes to Walmart in person has seen them we don’t ever dare by them because we know their trash and now I’m here to confirm that they are trash the first 1 this is a Toshiba 1811 modeled after the 1911 that comes in at about 14 US dollars this is spring powered in magazine fed in the proportions are actually really quite similar to a 1911 it holds in a familiar way however at half the cost this does not have Shelly Jackson it comes with this animal I’ve never seen a blaster that shoots him a like this it’s the weirdest thing this is a representation of a full on cartridge within a cartridge is the bullet the shell casing the primer and then the powder load normally when your hammer strikes the primer the gunpowder ignites pushing the bullet out of the. Rask casing through the barrel not in this blaster when you’re launching you fire the entire cartridge out of the barrel it’s the funniest looking thing in the world so to load this one you get these little cartridges and push them into the magazine in much the same way once that’s loaded you put the loaded back into the plaster prime back plastered. In that keeps happening my fingers off the trigger broke through and that’s happened to me a few times when the trigger catch disengages one more time a little slower there we go it caught so now I’m primed ready to fire him tire cartridge out of the barrel the performance is terrible they struggle to fire 20 feet and when they fire they tumble through the air comically so they are not stable at all it’s just a hunk of plastic flying in hurling through the air which is pretty funny but you could really feel the quality drop in a blaster like this compared to these at half the price if you’re not shooting the blasters and you’re just holding them in your hand and you’re not racking the slide or anything they’re pretty similar because they’re just really light weight plastic right when you rack the slide it feels much nicer than this this is just very very cheap this is not super high quality don’t get me wrong brothers but this is just on another level of of trash. This is such a negative review I’m not trying to bring a day down 20 minutes of coop taking a steaming hot dump on a bunch of plastic toys and I do respect the coloring of this 1 a whole lot more having this whole thing is orange makes this more safe strong recommend you run around scare people saying I’m gonna shoot you I’m gonna shoot him but you know it’s it’s better than this 1 which is just all black so that is the toshi 1911 coming in about 14 Bucks next up is the C. 96 Mauser also by toshi the same brand because it’s the same brand it uses the same ammo which is cross compatible between this 1911 in this plaster here doesn’t fire anything from any other blasters don’t certifier this 1 to take the magazine out like that loaded with the Emmaus chevron right back in there crying back to handle like that now I’m ready to fire once the entire cartridge slides out of the barrel it struggles to shoot 20 feet the same performance as in 1911 as you’ll see in the firing demo this is the only 1 that shoots relatively okay the others are like total trash for an actual there for I’ve never held a C. 96 Mauser because it’s not 1945 so I can’t speak to the realism on this model at all super bright friendly toys colors which I appreciate and this 1 has a little adjustable site which you definitely will not use but you know it’s cool if you want to play with and pretend like you’re adjusting for a super awesome sniper shot from like 7 feet away it’s after 7 feet it just plummets to the ground the range is pretty bad but that is the Yoshi Mauser C. 96 for about 14 Bucks next up is what I’m calling the White in orange revolver this is the most expensive blaster here at about 30 US dollars and it doesn’t come with mags or shelves or anything else so all $30 into the build quality this plastic is nicer it feels a little more hefty and it feels good in hand so the fire this when you pull back on the slide here to reject the cylinder like this then you get the included proprietary darts it is not compatible with any other and all that I have included an always much skinnier than Philly darts in this 1 even comes with 2 different types of darts these white tip ones that sort of resemble Li Li dart tips and then the suction Cup dark ones which fire way way better than the lead art style too and I think it’s because of the weight these white tips are way heavier than this 1 shoots way further than the others it doesn’t shoot nearly as far as like a stock strife but it still should. Way further than all these partially because the animal fat here this 1 is actually designed to effectively launch starts none of these other ones seem to care about performance at all hello this 1 you just push your rounds right on in there and you can shut your cylinder and you’re ready to go then you pull back on the hammer action right here and you’re ready to fire once now without prying you can click on the trigger which rotates the cylinder makes a nice little clicking noise but it’s not like double action crime through the trigger you have to manually pull back on the handle the fire like that this 1 has a really great hold to it the proportion seem fairly realistic I’m not really a wheel gun guy so I can’t really compare it in the build quality is a step above the other once the plastic is a little thicker the rotation system works pretty well it just feels like a higher quality product in each other once again if your performance guy I’m not saying go buy this 1 it doesn’t shoot very well at all go by a strong arm it works way better but the colors are more appropriate it holds well and is confined to just click around like this without priming it so I can actually see people buying this 1 and enjoying it I can’t really see anyone enjoying some of these other ones on the table here that is what I’m calling the white norms revolver for about 30 U. S. dollars and lastly we have this piece of trash what an introduction sorry to spoil it this is the pen off 1911 that’s what I’m gonna call it and this 1 comes in at about 15 US dollars it’s spring powered but it’s a muzzle loader doesn’t have a magazine to load this you get included Anna which is purely plastic by the way this isn’t even phoned you shove it into the muscle like that it sits right at the muzzle it doesn’t even go in there then you pull back in the priming handle and check this out only part of the slide comes back is not funny then you can fire 1 time these rounds tumble just like these other Yoshi ones from this company they just tumble through the air hi Larry Slee so it doesn’t shoot hard at all it’s pretty bad I was able to take some shots with the adventure force half length arts by shoving him in there but the performance is still pretty trashy and this 1 is noticeably down scale this is not close to the scale of a real 1911 they could just pick the subcompact and modeled it 1 to 1 but instead they get a full size and then shrink and cat and make a smaller version of it I don’t know why but this 1 is closer to what a real 1911 is in its way way smaller as you can see and this 1 is just dangerously colored I think it’s a stupid idea cell block. Astor’s like this that’s all black with a tiny little red tip even though it’s really downsize if you go and aggressively point is that someone you could scare them don’t do that you don’t even have to do that because you should need to buy this plaster to begin with his total piece of trash even though this 1 is bad it’s it’s like fairly decent for the $14 you pay for it this 1 is the same cost of about 15 Bucks and it’s just it does nothing at all well so save your money don’t buy this 1 at all but it’s modeled after the 1911 no maggots a muzzle loader and has this big building little like laser or flashlight or something anyways that is the pen offic 1911 piece crap don’t bite that is a brief overview of these trashy blasters now showed them firing sort of. A technical suppressor removal. For double the range. It made it even though I told you it was crap you probably weren’t expecting them to be. That bad right I wasn’t expecting it either I thought they’d be better I don’t know why the performance out of each of these is pretty terrible most of them weren’t even fun to shoot now breaking down the experience a little bit these 3 were essentially the same operation the same user experience on my end loading the shelves shooting these tiny little darts finding and picking up these tiny little darts I had a number of teams with all of them as you saw my firing them out some of those were human error where I tried to ride to slide home in icons to double feet instead of allowing a spring to do its thing by letting go so it’s not technically mechanical failure but is really susceptible to human error in the good part about all of these you don’t need to load the shells to use these you can just load in blank shells pulled the trigger nothing happens and when you pull back it’s it’s still he checks the shell and I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re going for they’re going for the mechanical play experience of it’s cool because it injection wells because the shooting performance isn’t even worth doing because you can’t hit anything unless it’s like 10 feet away from you and that’s really not even that fine in my opinion now the play experience of these it was essentially the same I thought the firing performance was really quite bad although they’re both okay for a solid chuckle because if you get to see a whole cartridge tumbling through the air which is pretty funny to watch the 1911 holds pretty well in hand so if you’re looking just to have a a toy gun that doesn’t shoot this is actually a decent by 14 box and you can feel cool pulling out the magazine racking the slide and all of that the performance isn’t there but it’s a moving part $14 which could be fun it’s kind of the only role I see this fulfilling the Mauser like if you’re really into this guy I’m fine but like the group is not comfortable the use of this 1 was really weird I usually prefer the 1911 over this 1 for sure in the performance is equally terrible getting to this 1 this is a total piece of crap it barely shot it doesn’t shoot the included ammo that it comes with ease these full length arts which don’t even go in the barrel all the way just don’t even watch it just doesn’t even leave the bear total trash the sizing is all messed up it’s too small it doesn’t shoot it doesn’t even look cool it doesn’t feel cool and at the same price you don’t get to inject your magazine you don’t get to rack an entire slide so if you’re just looking for a 1911 toy definitely buy this 1 instead of this 1 this serves no purpose at all sorry to be harsh to your toy gun that you don’t deserve to exist take that I’m talking to a toy this is my. Life. But on a positive note the revolver was really quite fun to play with it holds well in hand the build quality is much nicer than the other blasters granted it is more simple than the shell exacting blasters but the firing performance which included Anna was worth using it was worth shooting you’re definitely not gonna win and therefore don’t get me wrong but if you want to set up a paper Cup and try to shoot it you can actually do it with this blaster none of these other blaster shoot remotely in a straight line enough to have any fun at all target shooting this one does shoot hard enough in accurately enough to justify target shooting or planking and flipping out the cylinder and spinning around it feels pretty cool it is still relatively well so it’s still pretty fun to do that. Wops I was Alec Baldwin by cameras the play experience with this one from a car’s play fun plinking target shooting mentality was actually enjoyable again a competitive there for would not have any joy playing with this at all don’t get me wrong by a strong arm or hammer shot it’ll be much more effective than all of these unfortunately when I tried to Crono them they didn’t Crono because they shoot too slow microcode and register them so because of that I’m estimating the issue less than 40 feet per second which is pretty slow but as you could see from the firing demo like these aren’t designed to shoot this one does a pretty okay job but these other ones are just awful so that is the objective information I can think of to provide on these blasters now to my personal opinions starting on all 3 of the Shelley jacking blasters they’re all pretty fun to play with for maybe 5 to 10 minutes and I grew bored of them pretty quickly granted my expectations are much higher than the average for because I’ve had my hands on just about every blaster at least in the last 10 years so I found it more difficult to get into the mentality that would be appropriate to have fun with these blasters I think these are intended for the people that want to feel really cool feel tactical plinking target shooting very emotional basin or for not performance oriented in any way whatsoever if it is at all important whether or not a dart flies out to your barrel when you pull the trigger do not buy these blasters you’re essentially dry firing if you’re okay with that by them because they are pretty fun to play with if that’s what you’re looking for it’s fun to drop the mag out to pretend like you’re re loading it’s fun to add the suppressor to feel like James Bond in having the shells eject is pretty cool which are all the emotional experiences not like objective performance experiences so that’s what you’re looking for I think you could be satisfied with these blasters just expect terrible performance in tons of jams what kind of purchase recommendation is so essentially just get rid of all of your expectations completely you might be satisfied with this product if you are seriously considering these I would recommend the Glock variants instead of the U. S. P. U. S. P. grip is less comfortable and when you try to drop the mag out doesn’t come out you have to pull it out compared to both of the clocks which drop out on the road with most nerf guns that’s not a big deal but with an emotional nerf blaster like this being able to do this really tactically is part of the experience so that. Is it important to me I did not really enjoy this 1 as much as the clocks between these 2 I had last chance with the clear and read 1 thing the white blue 1 but using shells with these blasters was pretty fine but these darts are insanely annoying it’s hard to see them for darts sweeps and they are small enough to get into my vacuum which can really mall to the inside of your vacuum cleaner compared to normal nerf darts which are too big and they don’t get caught up in a vacuum now to these toshi blasters these come in about 14 Bucks a pop which is much cheaper than these unless you’re after like a Mauser C. 96 whatever that is I don’t recommend this 1 at all but the 1911 I can actually see someone buying this and being happy with it now don’t get me wrong a legitimate phone slinger will not enjoy this blaster at all but it’s more of like a toy blaster which gives you a nice emotional response you get the feeling the magazine out you get to rack the slide it feels sort of like in 1911 which is the point it’s more appropriately colored so it’s obvious that it’s a toy which is important and it’s cheap enough that you might not care that it’s a piece of crap and it is really quite funny to see an entire cartridge flying through the air but I would be cautious with shooting these that people because most of this is plastic in because they tumble so much you might hit somebody with the plastic it’s less safe than phone but it is not a blast the I don’t know that it matters too much so this 1 didn’t fit my hand very well the ergonomics me this 1 I’m going to play with 1911 was pretty comfortable and fun to play with now to the pin off to 1911 no this is a piece of crap down by please save your money its not to scale it doesn’t look good it doesn’t feel good it barely shoots it it doesn’t serve any purpose at all if there were like $3 fine but it’s at the same price point as these you can just go buy this 1 it’s the same cost this 1 is is dom I don’t think this 1 should be on the market it just disappoints me you disappoint me feel bad since the second time of late into this thing and 1 video but yeah piece of trash don’t buy this 1 and lastly the white norms revolver my overall opinion on this 1 is actually surprisingly hot I was not expecting to like any of these at all but using this 1 was pretty fun it’s kind of annoying that he uses proprietary ammo and it only came with a few white tipped darts don’t shoot well at all the suction Cup darts should a lot better because they’re lighter weight I think and I’m not sure if they sell this proprietary and separately so it might be kind of annoying once you run out you might just can be screwed that being said the build quality is decent and sticker nice. Plastic I still think it’s a little over priced at $30 I think would be more reasonable at 20 but the fire performance is usable now doesn’t shoot hard it’s not a performance oriented blaster but you could actually use this for target shooting which is kind of the point of these and if you run out of ammo you can still click it and it still feels good in the hand you can play with it pretend that you don’t Russian roulette or something is it worth $30 that’s something you’ll totally have to decide on your own just accept that you’re burning $30 essentially if your performance space there for if you just look into dark around have fun with something it feels cool it could be money well spent I don’t know that’s up to you this is totally out of my comfort zone I don’t even know how to give a purchase recommendation on this type of product I don’t know but that is the best I can do that as a brief review in a largely ignorant opinion on products that I really have no business reviewing what I did my best I guess purchase links to the blasters that are still available in the description box below hopefully I’ve laid out the information in a useful way if your performance for obviously don’t buy any of these save your money the best thing that came out of this experience for me was once I went back to my humor shot strong arm I’d love then I felt right at home and I have a new appreciation for the high quality stuff that nerve makes that we sort of take for granted excluding the 2.oh sorry I kind of forgot what crap like this feels like in the hand so I have a newfound appreciation for the blasters I run on a regular basis so maybe just for that reason you should spend 14 Bucks on this to see like your strong arm even more so yeah that concludes the group review of some crap I found on Amazon to be brutally honest with the Bros was this enjoyable would you like to see this type of content again please leave a comment in the section below this was the cheapo toy grade prop style pistol video I guess if you have a different group of blasters you do want me to buy 6 or 7 of them in reviewing all it wants me to leave a comment section below this was way out of my comfort zone and it’s not really like a useful review because I don’t think anyone was going to buy these anyways but if you enjoyed the video when you got something out of it if I burn this time in your day and you’re just like well thank you I’m glad I watched that hit that like button if you like it does with the normal products I know what you guys like I know what you guys don’t like with this I have no idea this is unexplored territory for me that concludes my group review of some Amazon crap thanks so much for watching Rosen is always state tactical.
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