NOVABLAST 3 spotted at the ASICS HQ (new bouncier midsole)

Encountered some wild animals. There is another way. That’s fine. 18. Thank you. Good morning and welcome back to the bloke today I am in the sunny and evidence 3-night stay here 3019 degrees at 9:00 this morning, I think it’s set to be about 27 today so yeah really nice day welcome to the A. 6 H. Q. I’ve been invited out play 6 full and apparel launch today and we’re gonna have a little look at the autumn or winter 2022 collection all the new technology that’s being put into that. So have a look at some of the new shoe skinheads now. I’m a full-time day pack on the itinerary only about 45 minutes a 3 time so no going to see much of Amsterdam today, and then with flying home this evening around 7:00 so yeah less than 11:00 hours in the Netherlands itself so quick whistle stop told yeah, look at this H. Q. building look at seeing a glorious in the sunshine. Money and how you. And please make it a lot take place without you knowing because you have. Double please thank you. That just being given one of these press passes and yet this is the A. 6 H. Q. in Absecon.

Incredible built in if you look at the on the seat in the car the A. 6 logo which apparently, if you fly into the apple you can see from the skies which is pretty cool yeah really every building losses that cases I’ve been told that the whole design of this building is focused on movements it still forces collected stuff T. yet stay active throughout the day they have got less, but you know to uses them yes Sir such a nice light and every building and presentations are just about to begin and today’s it’s a focus on apparel and until the technology in the apparel, so you should be an exciting day just had a lovely coffee and on this and some fruit as well so I can get good stuff welcome. Who baby yeah. I would follow up on a farm. Ironically the G. the spokesman for the creation of all the facts office yes please everything that comes with a lot of sports. But my my day so we just went on a tour of the A. 6 headquarters here running just happens to be on the top floor so confused as to get out there yeah, pretty cool see some of the products today’s focus is on on the power so although, I spotted some some interesting things from the shoe from those Christian and believe if those shoes up says the shoes, let’s see everywhere yet today’s focus is on their apparel and this colt 0 destruction yeah it looks like it looks pretty good so far we just got to meet one of the Japanese designers as well as talking through the color palettes and, and designs is based on the taiga which was for the founder’s favorite animal as well as the morning so of sunrise and reflections so yeah that was the key so colorway and design for the next collection, it looks really cool not some vote I like apparel that stands out and I think the soul of the tiger print is definitely going to be as strong a strong look yeah we sound a little a little explore can consume some lovely coffee Yemen’s enough some. Thank you very much. So we just got changed into some of the apparel this is the active breeze I’m T. shirt that would turn out quite an interesting design it’s got loads a host in the areas where we sweat the most areas to get hot based on lab testing, and yes will host in the areas that don’t need as much translation. Yes lovely too good for the run in Amsterdam with. About 15 of us. Good to run. In the same. Try another the last 2. Yeah, it was. The account and some wild animals. There is another way to locate it. But intimidated by. 1015 runners coming out then right yeah thank you for coming.

From the A. 6 little trip that time Saddam is the next day when I’m filming this, I was out to see you naked when I got home last night he has been a pleasure having you want todays. Your statement doesn’t only Jenny to final destination went pretty much straight to bed I think having a niece of 2 or 3:00 hours sleep the night before meant that when I did get home, I just crashed outside yeah really fun day in the Netherlands also in the in in the Amsterdam area around 9, I think 9:00 hours and 50 minutes I worked outside he has a really quick tool the day was really jam packed with with activities and presentations, and it was really interesting to see the sort of design process behind all the new power 86 gonna be bringing out the whole sow of campaign is on 0 destruction, so basically it’s going for a run and having ordered the kit and the you need to go out without any distractions so whether that be your phone bouncing around will I denied chafing the case design sort of minimize those things, and you can just go out and enjoy the run so yeah so it’s a really cool concept a little bit different and for me to hear about the powers out of things because I tend to focus more on the shoes, but yeah we run in the nose lost to as well the limited edition colorway cool slightly different auto which makes it a little bit more breathable as well that was really cool, so yeah 1 of the kit we tried was was focused on breathability and comfort yeah I’m excited for it to come out I think it will be ready well, I’m just wanna say thank you to a 64 for finding out I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the day and I hope you enjoyed the video tape it wasn’t a huge amount of time to make content was either that, and I hope you enjoyed this looks doubtful not got 10 days until my next race which just happens to be that a 610 K. in London on closed streets unreadable looking forward to that 1, and maybe I can try out some of the kids will say anyway thanks Watson until next time a spice run run to inspire and we’ll see you again soon.

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