And it’s not something I can necessary self experienced in a trashy but full. Welcome back to the channel today I had a review of a trial she now those of you who watch this channel regulate when I am all of the road runner however, I do try some trial she’s here in that so yeah I have a first impressions review of the Saucony endorphin edge of Connie beats at this for the aim of the review by Saucony prior to the release of the shoot this the endorphin edge comes out in late 8/20/22 and I’ve had this in July to testing, I’m not around 50 kilometers on the child in today’s video I’ll start off by getting into some of the specifications of this trail running shoes I thank all of us in my likes and dislikes followed by my conclusions as to whether you should pick this up when it comes out in the next few months as well as so talk about well. I’m gonna use this for moving forward and who is it that suited for so as I said I’m not a huge trial and I have tried a few trial she’s, I tried the Nike Pegasus range for the Pegasus trial and also the terracotta got on first impressions of this is a completely different type of trial shape hence why pull this videos so the new breed of trial she’s with a common plot of plight it’s much much more responsive than anything else I’ve tried on the the trial the anything so composed to the eye test me, tried is the whole K. tectonics rather than make this a video comparing the sushi’s they’re both kind of designs the similar purposes I would just say the Saucony has a little bit more cushioning so is more designed for the the longer distance and actually, I found I’d probably say this 1 a little bit more responsive on to the rough it’s a right to let’s jump into some specifications of the edge so we have a 6 no drop we have 36 mins minutes is all fine, and he’ll jump into a 30 minute meters and in the full Senate so you get very high stack height. Especially for trial she and might U. K. 87 a ha it weighs 200 52 grams which is about 56 K. 6 grams sorry heavier than the tectonics the president again high school a bit more cushioning, so that’s probably why the extra weight comes from but 200 52 grams in my size for trial she is exceptional on the bottom of the sheet we’ve got this, it’s called power tracks from Saucony which is that locks and interestingly the forms on the front face forward on the ones on the back face backwards also cut out a little bit more later yes full mail logs on the Baltimore which is great for solos not too aggressive trials will bust out trials I have around in my local area here in Essex obviously with only 4 male on the ball.

And you can comfortably run on the roads to trails initiate which for me is is quite important in atrocious the mid so is that power on TV which is subcommittees most responsive mait cell found in that the pro 3 is just come out from that road Cubbon road racing shape, so interesting to see that they’ve used the same fun in that trial range very very sports if you have a used that made so nice and soft as well which is really nice on the trials on to the author and we still have a single mash up is no actually that scene is quite difficult to say, but I guess for trail shoe it needs to be a little bit more protective stops of dust and debris getting into the shade and there’s no telecom so which is it something to do tonight no type of cat so I know some some more aggressive trail shoes have dental protection on that so if you stop your tell you there’s no there’s no affect as son of plastic that covering it, so I said I something tonight that’s a good amount of cushioning the issue is kind of gives me a racing vibe I don’t know if that is the. Attention from Saucony but there’s also enough cushion that for you to do so looks over longer miles in it so yeah I would probably be comfortable using this shitty for UNOCHA math and say 50 commented on the trial this is a great option especially because of that so hot start cart which is very forgiving on the lex, so they are some of the main specifications finishes up just because of some light likes and dislikes before I give you my conclusion and what I’m going to use the shade full moving forward so yeah once my likes the main so of stand out feature for this year is how responsive they she fails on soul rugged and rough it’s a right I’m sorry like gravelly pops and so grassy areas, this she feels really really responsive but it’s not something I can necessary self experienced in a trashy but full that often quite quite stable region she’s worth this one feels nice and bouncy which is really good it’s a good feeling they also has a really nice old rockers like feel they have speed role technology plays okay that’s what I collect, I just hope she transitioned nicely on to the title is it something else I really enjoyed when I was testing it is the grip on the shoot as I said the logs food facing on the front and back was facing on the race so when you’re going down hill these lugs on the back really help you correct that gripped the trials and I sort of went on scene up and down trying to lose, and I thought let’s just send it on a few of these down he was to see how she performs on sort of like gravity gravity down hills and yeah I was really shocked at how well they should she done and especially because there’s only 4 millimeters of logs I know that a lot of trial shoes might have slightly deeper love death but the full mail from me on the trains I have in my local area with more than adequate, I know I didn’t slip into an issue so yeah the correct the name and that’s a really good job of this.

I’m so here’s another one of my likes is just the build quality of the shoot from Saucony and you can just tell it’s being built to last and it’s built to withstand some of the the terrain you’re gonna be running on obviously the stones that stakes as water mods and yet, this year is really well they’ll and and you can just tell that from having a high and some of the stitching is is really nice and the soul of these this area here which helps with the lockdown and it’s just really well night and yeah I could tell that she was gonna lost and I well I put it through our trials and finally another one of the big plus points was the IVR will come to a Vichy as I said built for speed, but it still has a nice amount of cushioning in the heel the tongue is gusseted sit sits very nicely on top of this again that’s a little bit of cushioning that on the tongue but not too much I’m the type of books, there’s enough space in that my feet so spread out lay out a little bit which I like a trial shoes yet I will come to it was a very very good no they don’t it to some of my dislikes and one of which was the author of the issue, it wasn’t necessarily that breathable and and I guess that is that can be said for a lot of trash users not necessarily like a a deal breaker for me ties to stop the devry getting in I know that but yeah my foot to get a little bit warm on the first few run, so I might want to consider that I think it kind of sucks next time another one of my dislikes was this kind of way obviously the pink and gold. It’s pretty out that I’m not really a fan of of gold on the phone she’s I don’t mind the paint and but yeah, I can’t say that this colorway is my Cup of tea I know that she’s gonna be coming out and so that and navy colorway as well as that black colorway so there is this the ones I probably look at taking out unless you really got a pink thing does he go for if you wanna stand out in the trials and this is the issue for you I’m not in the finals of dislike I can think of that issue was the lack of toe cap, and there is so I think layer of Robert Hey which does offer some protection if you 3 D. smash into sort of a big rock or a tree root out in the run you know gonna get like maximum protection from this year so yeah I just want to know it no necessary something all I look for in a trance you ought to ever like to build, like this shape and I know some people that is really really important so yes that’s my first impressions over the Saucony endorphin ADQ a phenomenal she and I know when she comes out, and and light locust is gonna do really well I think it’s gonna sell out so if you’re looking at getting a trial she for real yet run out on the trails full races, and if you do any speed work out of that on the rough it’s right and then this would be a great she CA I would be confident as I said racing at 50 comments ricin is she has enough cushion that protects the likes that power on P. B. is really nice and soft that doesn’t compromise on that responsiveness enough cushioning in the heel, and tongue area to maximize the comfort for long duration yeah have you been doing this review, if you have please leave a like and comment what try running shoes have you tried recently and what your favorites at the moment let me know, if you could pick this up from Sony I’m reading so it’s a little bit more modest in this this summer and I’m on TV the wind so when the trials get a little bit what’s around here yeah, so next time they spot to run. On to inspire see you again.

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