BinBok Joy-Con Honest Review | Switch Pro? cheap joy con alternative

Hope you enjoy the video and I hope you find it helpful. I’d like to thank Glen and Mark for giving me a heads up on this controller. All the information is on their website, and if you want your very own, use the coupon code ACE for a  10% discount at the link below:


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Let me know if you have any ideas for the next custom controller in the comments!

Hi there and welcome to my first product review video for the Nintendo switch today we’re going to be reviewing the bin box wireless joy con controllers now if you’re new to the channel I’ve already done some tips and tricks videos as well as game play videos for the PlayStation 5 but I also play Nintendo switch and a plan to do some more product reviews for it as well as a follow up long term reliability video for these been Bach wireless controllers so if any of that interests you please consider subscribing and clicking on the bell notifications so that you get notified as soon as I’m uploading new videos. All right so to kick things off with the bin box joy con controllers I’ll just go over what you get with the package so of course you’ll get the left and right joy con controllers from been Bach as well as you’ll get the centerpiece to be able to link them together to make a wireless pro style controller for the system when it’s in TV set mode it all comes in kind of the flimsy white box bye it’s a nice clean design. A little bit going on on the back there and the controller comes in just kind of a thin plastic case the whole plastic lid comes off Ghana online warranty card which kind of strangely says not to search the email for their support in a search engine not sure what that’s about. Also comes with little booklet for the functions of the controller which is handy because of the RGB lights it just goes through all the different ways to change those and it’s in a multitude of different languages that’s why it’s so big. There’s a little thank you card with an offer for a free switch dock which I would probably not necessarily take advantage of because of the likelihood of issues by a third party docks then it also comes with a little USB A. to USB C. cord so this could be used for charging the controllers there’s USB C. points on the bottom as well as firmware updates if they come up with them in the future however you don’t need to use that USB cord to charge the controllers they will charge off the switch when it is in docked mode so that’s everything that you got and now let’s get into the review. So the reason I chose to try out this product is because the standard joy con controllers aren’t very comfortable for playing in handheld mode and something larger like these been bought controllers or the hoary split pad pro offer much more comfortable gaming experience in handheld mode now the benefit that these have over the split pad pro is that they can also be used as wireless controllers so they could be used wireless individual like this although they are kind of an awkward shape for that or of course they can be linked together and then they’ll act more like a pro controller similar to something like the Nintendo switch official pro controller even the fact that the joystick and the buttons are offset instead of being completely linear like on the normal joy cons is a lot more comfortable and more intuitive for gamers that game on any other system. The other thing that these out over something like the hoary split pad pro is rumble support as well as motion controls so it makes them a compelling by considering they’re very similar price to the hoary product. Now I will say right off the bat there’s a lot to like about these controllers but it’s not all good so continue watching to kind of know the pros and cons of the used to find out whether it’s a good option for you or whether something like the split pad pro could be a better option or possibly that you don’t even need something like this to begin with. One of the things that will catch a lot of people’s attention with this product is the little rings around the analog sticks so their RGB some some turn the system on here.

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