Dbasne Smart Watch Review

Not sure how it would work, but it should be said that it exceeded expectations. It looks like a watch from a big brand. With all the features of any brand watch, it was a surprise to find that it also had a shutter function, I even wore it for swimming and it worked well. Well, I did save £££by not buying branded watches.

The watch has a lot of nice features, such as heart rate/blood pressure/sleep monitoring of blood oxygen and normal functions like calories/steps/exercise, long battery life and a great charging case. It’s very simple to download the application and use all the features.

I like the overall performance of the watch, the battery life is good, the charging speed is fast, and many features are better than brand watches. I would recommend it to my friends and family.

One thing I like about this watch is that it makes you look beautiful while wearing it, and you can manage your daily tasks on time. It’s a great way to keep tabs on your daily activities. You can connect your phone and track your belongings with the help of this smartwatch.

This is an amazing watch with all the features. The watch looks exactly like the picture and is of amazing quality. I like all the apps because it is easy to use. The charge lasts more hours and is worth every penny. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I really like it a beautiful design colorful Easy to use and can be set through the phone I really like is you can change the surface of the watch and the selection of a variety of choices I also like the different things it is not round in return for a comfortable when wear it doesn’t bother me, it has many choices, including recording movement, Such as running, weather, calories and steps, and more affordable smartwatches.

Impressed with display quality, ability to upload pictures as well as many watch faces. Long-acting batteries, which have a long unit duration, are quite effective at brightness, and come in many levels.

Dbasne 智能手表,物美价廉的手表

Main specifications of the smartwatch, Dbasne Fitness Tracker 1.69 inch touchscreen Fitness watch with heart rate sleep monitor, 8 exercise modes Ip68 waterproof smartwatch, Sleep exercise activity Tracker for men and women for Ios and Android:

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
Sleep Monitor and heart rate monitor: The fitness watch can be used as a real-time monitor to measure the quality of your sleep throughout the day, accurately record the amount of deep sleep and light sleep each night, and remind you to adjust your sleep habits. Exercise trackers use advanced sensor technology to monitor your heart rate in real time, allowing you to control the intensity and frequency of exercise, making exercise more scientific and motivating you to achieve your training goals.
8 Professional exercise modes: Dbasne smartwatch supports 8 professional exercise modes such as walking, running, yoga and rock climbing. It also tracks your steps, calories, distance, and time spent active and generates data. Men’s smartwatch uses a new motion sensor, optimized motion algorithm, accurate record of your activity data throughout the day, to help you better understand the value of personal activities. You can view the historical data in the mobile app “Big Fly”.
Custom wallpapers and Smart notifications: Connect the female smartwatch to your phone, you won’t miss a call or a message, it can receive incoming call alerts, calendar, email, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social APP notifications. Supports alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown, and phone search. The watch offers two menu displays and a large, 1.69-inch color touch screen that lets you change your wallpaper.
Longer battery life and wider compatibility: Built-in low power Bluetooth chip and large battery capacity of 230 mAh, deeply optimized battery performance, large battery capacity and smart power consumption algorithm, Fitness tracker easy charging via charging cable, fast charging and long battery life. The running watch can be used for 7 days and 21 days standby after charging for 1.5 hours. The new Bluetooth chip powers almost all smartphones.
IP68 Waterproof and Comfort Materials: Dbasne watches are IP68 waterproof for life, professionally designed and crafted to cope with everyday waterproofing. Not only waterproof, but also anti sweat and dust, long-term wear will not affect the function of waterproof watch. Thanks to the smooth glass surface, the sports watch’s text display can be clearly seen even after contact with water. In addition, the soft band allows you to wear the watch all day without discomfort.

Buyers comments

“It’s not like a trashy smartwatch that looks pretty. It’s a very smart and very good watch. A great watch at a great price, a great smart watch at a great price!”

Dbasne smartwatch, a good watch at a good price

So far, the watch is excellent. The app is nice, the build quality is good for the price, and the actual watch itself has the very useful features you see on many brands of smartwatches. As a gift to my little sister, she loved it. You can also customize the very cool watch face, which is also very well connected and set up.

Dbasne 智能手表,物美价廉的手表

This is a very comfortable smartwatch. Multiple motor functions and health functions such as HR and BP. I also like the waterproof quality because I run outside a lot and sometimes it rains, it’s so cool. It has so many features that you won’t miss anything. Overall, the watch is beautiful, I like the soft band, it feels comfortable.

Unable to load media. I’m 65, so it helps monitor heart rate. The strap is a little uncomfortable. But I get used to it. It does steps, sleep, heart rate.

Since I purchased the watch, I’ve been using it in my daily life to count my steps and use it in the gym. This is the best smartwatch I’ve ever bought. It ranks at the top of all the other smartwatches I’ve bought in the past. If you decide to buy other smartwatches for nearly 3 times this price, then you need to reconsider your decision, as this is a very good price and much better than any other smartwatch on the market.

This is by far the most efficient smartwatch I’ve ever owned. The interface is very easy to read and use. It provides you with weather warnings, low battery warnings, and other features more common to sports watchers. It’s not hard to use and set up. But my favorite feature is the interchangeable bracelet, which is very easy to wear with different outfits.

The smartwatch has a number of useful features, the one I use the most is a heart rate monitor that measures my heartbeat while I exercise, which is very useful because your heart has to beat at a certain speed to burn fat more efficiently. I also use a sleep monitor a lot, just to track my sleep.

Unable to load media. First, I wanted to control the music remotely, and too many other watches didn’t offer volume controls or were poorly executed and ineffective. This function is correct. * The screen is sharper than competitors’ screens. * Functionally, it receives notifications you set, monitors sleep, and takes oxygen saturation and pulse. It responds quickly because it doesn’t load features that don’t work. Many competing watches offer BP, but they are so inaccurate that it is useless and misleading. The same goes for phone calls, which don’t work. Terrible fidelity and dropped calls.

Dbasne smartwatch, a good watch at a good price

I’ve had it for a few days and it’s become my favorite watch. The features are pretty standard for a smartwatch, but the interface is excellent, unlike any other watch I’ve owned. You can’t go wrong with the price.

This is my second paragraph smart watches, with my last compared with an intelligent watch (good), I would say it has improved interface, battery life and the actual watch is metal shell instead of plastic, it’s a bit heavy but a lot of, but the strap is the same, it is lightweight, it is usually the heart rate monitor, steps, sleep tracker, etc. I’m happy with it and have had it for a week, so so far everything is good and the battery is still half full.

I bought this to replace my old smartwatch, and I’m glad I made it. It has some great features to track your sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, and more. I like the way you can personalize the wallpaper. Overall, it’s a great watch, very easy to use and connect to.

It has an activity tracker, sleep tracker, blood pressure monitor, and if you have music installed on your phone, it can also play music. It looks and feels excellent and comes with a charger and charger dock. The belt has a very luxurious feel and I think it’s made of silicon. Not being able to make or receive calls is the only drawback.

He is using his phone to track his walking and exercise activities, etc., but is not happy. Bought him this watch. It looks really nice. It’s quick and easy to set up, and you can track a lot of health-related things. I’m still exploring it because it has a lot of features. Track your activity and sleep. With all the accessories, it takes a long time to charge. Now I’ll buy myself a pink one.

1. 69-inch touchscreen fitness watch with heart rate sleep monitor, 8 exercise modes IP68 waterproof smartwatch, Sleep Exercise activity tracker for men and women for ios and Android. I bought my husband a Dew smartwatch right now and it only took 5 minutes, usually it’s a matter of charging, but this one was just happy on the spot Onhubby. He does have a bit of a fit, he says it’s just as good, if not better, reasonably priced, very good quality, and easy to use, just don’t forget to download the app first. It connected to my phone via Bluetooth on the first try. Hubby had no problems with the watch, which worked exactly as TGE described.

Recently bought this watch, it arrived the next day. It arrives in a display box that makes it look reassuringly like a more expensive watch. This watch is the perfect size for adult wearers. Setting up the watch is very simple, and once you install the application, it does everything for you. The watch comes with a black plastic band and a material band, which is also very easy to change. There are a large number of different watch face styles to choose from, you can use the app to upload watches, you can even design your own each watch face and upload. All monitoring features (heart rate, temperature, etc.) work well and are as accurate as very expensive watches. The battery life is excellent – it’s very easy to charge using the accompanying wire.

Dbasne smartwatch, a good watch at a good price

As a gift for my son, who is very active and uses the watch a lot. The battery lasts almost a week or more. Connectivity is easy and navigation on the various screens is excellent.

I bought this watch about two weeks ago and I’ve been using it ever since. The battery life is really good. I charged it when I bought it, and I haven’t charged it in almost 10 days since, which is amazing. It does a great job of counting activity and displaying notifications at the same time as they appear on my phone. I compared my resting heart rate to other heart rate monitors, and it also worked well. So, overall, I would recommend it.

It’s really good, it works really well, everything that should be done. After downloading the VeryFit app to your phone, you can choose from a large number of dials or make your own. You can instantly record your fitness activity, heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep activity. You can choose your favorite physical activity and get ready to go. This smartwatch records your activity throughout the day and syncs with your smartphone, allowing you to analyze your data in your free time.

Buy this to try out some smart features on the watch, there are steps function. It is very beautiful with square face and good manufacturing quality. The screen is sharp and clear. It almost looks like a classic watch. The watch itself pairs perfectly with the phone. You can even view your messages and notifications through your phone. Track steps, heart rate, blood pressure, and any activity I might be doing. This will easily last a week.

A premium black smartwatch that is easy to set up and use. I’m not very technical, but found this to be quick to set up on my phone. I can now track my steps and sleep. Suspenders are very comfortable to wear and suitable for both men and women. I like the large screen that can be easily viewed. This would be a lovely gift for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, leaving gifts, etc. Considering the quality you get compared to others, the price is very reasonable. I am ecstatic about this purchase and would recommend it.

Another satisfactory product from Amazon, this watch is stylish, light and easy to use, bought a satisfactory product from Amazon, this watch is stylish, light and easy to use.

Very nice watch with many different choices. It’s very easy to connect to apps, and there’s even a QR code in the watch Settings that you can scan with your phone, which will automatically find the app for you. I really like the variety of watch face options that can be easily changed through the app. You can also create your own photos using any photos you like. The battery lasts forever, you can even connect to your phone to check incoming calls and messages, and Facebook messages come through the watch.

Dbasne smartwatch, a good watch at a good price

I bought this as a gift for my husband, who loved that it had a lot to choose from, but was happy that I bought this one, it looks beautiful on my wrist because it’s black and suitable for all occasions. I’m happy to add a screen protector for a small toy that would be nice, but also a good watch.

Unable to load media. So I have 2 fossil watches and want to wear something appropriate for work. In fact, the function is probably better than my £250 fossil. I’ve been having a bit of a health scare. So it turns out the watch doesn’t just measure my heart rate. But also blood pressure and oxygen. So I think my expensive fancy fossil. I have to admit it’s good. It’s going to be put aside because it’s great. There are even several different dials. Would recommend both as tools, and to be fair they look good.

The watch is nicely packaged in a beautiful box with instructions in multiple languages. The text on the instructions is a little small and some people may find it a little difficult to read. However, the watch is very simple to set up, with just a QR code to download apps from the app store. I’ve only used the watch for less than a day, so I can’t rate battery life yet. The watch comes with a rubber wristband that is comfortable to wear, and the large screen is perfect for viewing the watch’s many features. Buy it for under £30, so I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable smartwatch. Update: – It’s been over a week since I first got my hands on this watch, and it’s still running on the first charge. Everything seems to be accurately measured.

A beautiful and stylish watch. This is a high-quality smartwatch that can be purchased at an economical price. If you’re interested in exercise, or have forgotten what you need to do every day

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