Aiwaylar Hidden Camera Spy Camera Bluetooth Speaker-Good field of view and very good resolution!

First of all I would like to say that I am glad that this camera has the ability to utilize the greater speed of a 5 GHz WiFi network, as well as the 2.4 GHz. That alone is a good selling point. Secondly, the resolution of the camera is very good. Better than other indoor cameras that I have had. It says it has the ability to shoot 4K pictures/video and I would say that is accurate.

It is also very nice that this camera is completely hidden. Even standing right next to it I cannot see a camera anywhere, so no one would ever expect it to be a camera. They just assume that it is a speaker for my TV. Of course I have no intent of spying on people in places where they should expect privacy, which is why this is in my living room and I only use it as a security camera of sorts. I travel frequently and I like to check in on my house from time to time to make sure all is well.

The camera has IR capability which is to say that it beams out IR (infrared) light when you put it in “night mode” so you can see very clearly even in what would appear to be total darkness. The picture/video will be grayscale, but it is still high-def enough to make out detail.

I thought it was a pretty cool touch to have the LED’s on the right side of the speakers that show the Bluetooth Symbol. The speakers are not the selling point to this in my opinion. They are fine for their size, but I have my house full of Apple HomePods which is typically what I listen to music on. I only briefly used the speakers to test them and they sound fine for smaller speakers. It’s also worth noting that you can record video and store it locally on the device with a micro-SD card, thus eliminating having to pay a monthly fee for cloud storage.

For the price it would be hard to beat this speaker/hidden camera. It blends in so well that initially my wife has no idea that it is anything other than a speaker. I told her that I got a speaker for the TV, and she has never questioned anything about it. Of course I told her that it was a speaker/camera and that it is on our secured WiFi network and the device is also password protected. As I said before I have no desire to “spy” on anyone, and certainly not in an area where they should expect privacy (such as a bedroom or a bathroom), but it certainly could be used to check in on your children or pets throughout the day if desired, and with an SD card you would have a recording to show whomever that you know who broke the lamp or whatever.

I like that if, heaven forbid, someone did get into my house without my permission they are not going to even notice that they are being recorded. Overall a good value for the money!


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