Nike Zoom Fly 5 Review – Don’t Buy!

In this video, we are doing a performance review. Thanks. No, he’s not far. What is up everybody welcome. The river lake some people die out here on the river they all just. Hello didn’t always you know you. Join and get some miles in the tank because on a massive training now let me die did you make a mistake and bought zoo fluff on junkie because just because I sent rubbish doesn’t mean that you are looking box I’m interested to know if you got this info 5. What do you think about the show let me not? In the coming so I saw this video to catch up on all of that first video we did on how we get in on with this, he thought 5 now we had gone through the training rotation in America stuff saw it get stuck. Y. cel resume to fly far don’t reckon with golf. 50 miles. Probably both times when I’m aggressive in the shoe shuffle although it will be. Over 40 miles each way I do Jr map and trying some more than that sorry yeah probably easy that’s all want to come back better, this is only about a mile each but more. You know it’s usage over the trying to block because this is marketed royal may as I sort of trying companion for the Nike foster’s shoes taught yeah half of Los. Next person that kind of stuff sorry.

He’s gonna yeah. Always calling a marketable. Not sure if the point is we have any through the trying books out what does that mean that means he’s been doing recovery Ron got this. He’s been doing foster work. Medium length runs to attend logs I’m not putting you through the long run this race has come to an imminent but yeah basically speed sessions by C. K. you see through the sort of rotation or have more runs in the wake of the conical. What’s that you signed in you about an opinion. On the show but we get to that page let’s quickly cover the summer session for ages just to recap. Do not say. The other video. Grevillea she was just. Despite the film’s video but we’re going to do I just. Soon. It’s all because some of the features of the show exactly what we got funny still that. Hi T. trying shows this had I changed myself we’ve now got to make strides in issues with Carrie fun talking to make scratch all not short cuts to recycling makes. Instead, I struck out in the shows tonight that I need to carry a phone which is the S. R. O. 2 which is probably some of the rock assurance to sort of. As some durability structure to the show. We zoom X. so we got that we got a new one. Hi Michelle. Hello. Some of the, she was on the on your mark-ups on downing on. CSL so we got all these will fold out self. Rob Rowsell on the ship which is good Tracy that he. They sort of talk can get stuff again but not. Do you want me you’ve got this sort of gravity survey that was on the ice? Yeah so it’s good that’s what because it’s all inside about the show.

So it’s gonna play it is still under-percent convinced itself. Full called right. They’ve been on a cohesive you see all the reviews confirm what is. And then we’ve got the job again he was set for mail pretty shoes I saw no shocking administrators have no call the police because the shoes about myself, not recent soft cheek she almost. The shoe has I think that’s it the price is 145 quid. White bass you know that one next so the biggest Achilles heel to be sure this is why see this blog. That was less than the shows. 11.3 houses pretty cold for you coming on at all that’s what. 300. I thought you’ll currencies against. It’s just how you could have me. What should come in at all relevant now sees? This is just crazy I don’t know what he was thinking about. You don’t need a hello just to give you a comparison. The space 3 more stories he’s like point. 7 portal 7. I don’t see much to uninstall it grants. This is just another reason for the shows. We are 11000 no I K. although what I think you know what he’s going to show. I’ll tell you what they’re pricing. Played strong work so what I don’t like making what it means is. Well, I suppose you know you’re trying to insure. It comes. What holds what cat sure you know which one to use the old 3 sessions all. Temple runs like takes her show run some of that morning. He broke down on the electric threshold run through it all the. Because of the white. Okay, that’s not the case but. Hello, I’m sure just what she’s taught me a lot well I’m sure you’ll try anything for those foster runs. Just want to make a hold of it it needs to break I just don’t understand.

What are you thinking about? When I pushed out the sure we don’t want that much money just doesn’t make any sense you can get. The PMR. No, I tried hard to understand because. It’s about a 7. Point something else he’s he’s. Just doesn’t make any sense to me why should we simply never? It’s just not reasonable. When he said. The other issue is the show. It is very warm. Always a warm diet type box. He’s already holding the Opeth again I don’t understand. Well, I saw a call appreciate it yeah my shoes warm up in the summer months but. The stock is simple compared to its. Competitors saw isn’t all marked down for the show because. Uneasy heavy to plead not the only wrong where the shoes are so okay so I’ll cut you open the recovery runs home. But. In recovery mode, you’re not complaining. I’m shocked. How much trouble we worried. I sketch Yang but our recovery runs softball well for giving law. Hi, this is my second shot lot. The good stuff that does it’s hard to justify. You know if you’re gonna get let’s say we look at this is a diatribe is not but you know to give it more with I use. Angle. It does that very well so it’s not very good right shows the job ID where at the I. 60 tank high never moved back they’re doing that because it’s not what I was gonna write C. so goodbye showed. In terms of trying this is too much effort how much will be wearing different shoes tomorrow Tyson hi. Well, I think I’ll be trying out she’s not good much better things to be running install charges. What this one out so yeah. Thanks. We could be one of the worst Nike shoes I pull out and walk which was frustrating. Yes, I could go that’s how it is I can read you might really good show well Judy because you do need. I saw a training companion for the alpha fly the next design you do need to shoot the compliments that so. Are you trying? That K.. Do we stop the flight that you need? We zoom floor should probably. Given yet not. I should tell you what this be for you gives you what and that’s probably the best training companion fully half of Florida which I will now the next mission is this big story. You could argue. St floor for Nike to deal a track workout. Please.

It’s just out of curiosity are really would not recommend getting checked in if you like to do full lawful I still have no reason to get a show. Her body was relatively concise. While the price was overpriced and 44 could not put a strong buy Chevys hall and it doesn’t do. What is this going to be? No, he. A trip to Asia and. This to me this boy is looking awesome motto I am good at so I think. The shoe looks awesome there’s no deal an expression is being cut off. But it is. A terrible. Terrible running should.

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