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I mean look at this thing. Once every body of receipt and healthy and happy and doing okay today reporting live from my brand new couch that’s downstairs the walls are kind of there but it’s really comfy, so I figured I’d sit here and chat with you about 80 while new issue the embargo lifted today that’s why I had to do this video on Monday and that is the new balance super comp trainer or S. C. trainer for short this is an insane issue for a number of reasons first of all I mean it looks completely wild look at all that commission, it is read Dick illus and of course with all of this cushioning you also have the carbon fiber please so what is the super calm trainer where does it fall into the new balance line out well a lot of you probably remember the new balance T. C. that was a sort of Treanor asks you that new balance came out with right around the secrets to craze, and it had a carbon fiber plate it had a new version of the fuel cell phone but one of the major problems with that she was and it was extremely unstable I mean my foot was literally an issue it was just it was it was pretty bad, so I think when you balance decided to do was they said let’s get rid of the T. C. but take what we learn from it and make a better crazier issue and that’s here what the super comp trainer is, this is not exactly supposed to be a radio station this is supposed to be an everyday trainer trainers in the name but the main question I had for myself was can I see myself wearing the shoe every day do I think that that’s a good idea and we’re going to try to answer that in today’s video, this is sort of like a first for an impression but I have a lot more miles on it than that so it’s sort of in the middle between first run impression floor.

View but anyway it watch the run footage and then we’ll get to all that. I don’t know. Key so close on. And. For the. For. All right so as always let’s start with the upper of the esee trainer so what we have what appears to be sort of like a neat feeling offer it’s kind of like sort of a mission via but also in NYC vibe feels a little bit in between there is pretty breathable, but what I will say is that it’s not the sturdiest upper it’s not going to be the most supportive upper hi there aren’t really a ton of overly is we do have that beagle new balance logo working in the mid foot I guess as an overlay but moving to the back heel counter is pretty sturdy something that I don’t really like about this upper but that the deed kind of fix so something that I like also has to do something, I don’t like I don’t like the eagle caller of the issue these kind of things are always a recipe for disaster for irritation blisters just it’s not great but I can really mess up the Achilles tendon area but they put a little cushion a little pad here like a little less so that you’re killing is isn’t rubbing up against, this kind of harsh material so I like that this upper fits pretty snug especially in that mid flight and I think that’s just because they want you to be able to stay on the platform of the issue. Because it’s quite a large platform and yes it is no the but it’s pretty stretchy so you are able to kind of get a feat that you might want hi is definitely gonna be a little bit wider than the T. C. just a shoe in general the platform as well as going to be wider dental box does kind of open up a bit, so I think that’s gonna help a lot of people feel comfortable in the shoe the town is net it’s gusseted sits perfectly on top of your flight and honestly I don’t really have too much to say war kind of complain about was the operator of the S. C. trainer I’m not really a huge fan of the net this I can kind of get away with I can kind of accepted this I’ve had no issues with hot fudge blisters or irritation for the esee trainers offer I think it’s. Stay but the thing that makes issue separate from all other shoes that new balance makes and other shoes on the market from different brands is this a midsole I mean this is a mid sole under your foot you’re going to have what I believe it is, and I’m not 100 percent sure it is but what I’ve seen elsewhere is that you have 47 millimeters of static in the heel of the shoe and 39 millimeters in at the 4 foot that is an insane amount of cushioning and I know that we have issues like the adidas prime acts or whatever that’s called yes so she was like this do technically still exist elsewhere however, I’m not really in a trainer sort of shoe this is definitely an enhanced fuel cell phone it feels a lot more like super shoe like with the phone and I tell you this you feels nuts underfoot, I mean there is no shortage of cushioning like any issue that you think is really cushion that you currently wear multiply that by like 30 and that’s what this you feels like underfoot and not only do we had a ton of cushioning we also had a carbon pleat which they’re calling the energy arc the energy Arkan issued, just days the foam and helping to roll you forward in your stride no matter what pace you’re going it’s going to feel like you’re being propelled forward so it’s not exactly like 8 racer feel to it underfoot, but you do get that kind of like super shoe phone with that plea the plea just gives you a little bit more of a natural help rather than a torpedo kind of force forward like some other carbon plates due on the market I’ve had this issue for a while now I have about 30 ishe miles in it, and I wasn’t really sure how much I liked it at first because I’ll tell you when you step foot into issue like this with this much foam under your foot it’s going to feel a little bit weird it felt.

If the overkill the little to me I’ve been doing a lot of easy runs during the week I’ve done a couple of negative split run so not a ton of fast work and it felt a little bit like a deer just getting its legs to work at first not that I know that feels like wow I imagine it feels and when I took this you are my first 8 mile run, I wasn’t sure like if I was getting some kind of ankle pain I don’t know it just felt kind of weird and off but I didn’t give up and I kept running into issue and now kind of actually really enjoy it I think that this you feel a little bit better going at a moderate pace, and it does it like super easy pace are just something that I found for my stride and it feels really cool going like super fast but I do think that the issue will be decent for daily training. I don’t think that I would wear this you every day because I just feel like it’s a little too awkward issue for me sometimes but I think if you’re a person who loves cushioning cannot get enough of it underfoot then you are going to love this the energy arc only helps to make that deal even a close here as I said earlier one of the problems with the T. C. was that it was pretty unstable, so new parents wanted to fix that with the S. C. trainer and it’s difficult to make an issue with this much stack height be stable so for me somebody who over promenades I think that the issue is certainly. Because he need to over pronator bet however I would say that it’s better than the T. C. was for sure by like a long shot I think the midsole helps the issue to be kind of versatile you can do easier stuff you can do your moderate stuff despite this being a heavier issue, it doesn’t really feel like it on for specially when you get going just kind of feels like it in hand a little bit but it does go fast you can do with an issue, and I can also see somebody running a marathon and she without problem at all all right so moving on to the outside we have some rubber in the for flint and we have some kind of hidden influence, and in the heel of the shoe I think traction on the she does just fine as a daily trainer should if you’re gonna be wearing, this a lot it’s going to it’s going to have to hold up I didn’t have any problems with it groups on to the road just fine have a little bit aware and the 4 foot nothing crazy just hoping that it stands the test of time like I hope the rest of the shoe does, so now let’s talk prices truth this is that I’m really not sure how much this is going to cost I don’t have the spec sheet not gonna lie, I’ll put it down below in the description when I do get the price officially I think it’s going to be around $180 which is definitely expensive for a daily trainer, but this is not just your ordinary daily trainer by any means if you do determine that it is worth it for you to splurging up take the issue up.

I’ll put a link in the description of this video once it becomes available keep in mind this is an affiliate link with running warehouse which is in the much for you, it just helps out my channel so I can put you want issues that. Maybe Frankenstein would where somebody is like freaking signed a spice girl even if it’s given late nineties platform shoe, I don’t know outer space you get the idea if you want this you click the link by pick it up I’m kind of speechless with issue never did I think we get a daily trainer with this much static but I and I kind of dig into it, it’s weird it’s a little bit awkward but it’s also really fun the more that I run it the more that I really like it for what it’s worth and I got to commend new balance for taking a super shoot concept, and molding it into a shoe that a runner could wear every day if this is something that they’re into I’m gonna do a long running issue and I’ll tell you how went in the comments section here pin a comment, and they do 12 miles we’ll see how we deal with it yeah instead of putting a comment down below figured I could just say how it went I did 12 miles a day in the super comp trainer and honestly, it felt really good the whole time like I’ve been saying this video the more that I run in them the better they feel the more naturally feel I think I’m finally starting to really get used to them and I could see myself wearing them, you know quite a bit during this training cycle so we’ll see but it was a big thumbs up and I went easy pace and they didn’t feel as awkward as they have previously so definitely happy about the outcome of that I think people are either gonna hate this you or a loved issue, but I think a lot of people who hate the issue will be people who take a look at it don’t actually try it and they are kind of scared off by how it looks which is understandable that CSE trainer well everyone that concludes my first ride impressions sort of initial review of the new balance supercom trainer, if you enjoyed this video please like it down below and subscribe to when you’re done with all that. You can find out every time. I had an interview for you on Sunday but in the meantime did out there doing the grind and don’t forget to run. Do you like this you. Let me. It’s going to.

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