No more Teachers’ Day gifts

You guys do the teachers that I own other happen to include you go we act as a gift today nice out there I think it’s been doing the math book which made a gift of damage. I don’t jokey Avenue detectable antibody after DJ for days at the end ISIS villanelle could you think you have to get better with a lot of what the budget is adult only owners of the product calling got full description in the area number 1, but has been notified of that after DJ to give bad of a lonely lonely until you give them good live base today not guilty is pretty deregulated bought the bottom as he did it by all it meant obviously guys that don’t give me a big beach that is going on with the king apple now may shop yeah, they already is grown up and is on 15 total becoming number 2 but had led that he had to make IT is out of their teachers collecting abilities go die to hear, that in the live base today is diet eagle heights Illinois area it just give us a base de generally away all is milk without us a log with a middle me data your daily east Tampa, and was under Bonzo bicycle BES numbered heard about have mug still identical budget to recommend celebrity come and got away is Mike, is Mike Babcock DJ Khaled bought the data some as he did a guy already yep well and is on visit of 129 to based on the number of border is at least to me your family is upset at the base level due to the left winger instead us what did you give the audience a male bodies at us from the love, that I hear they put it it beats out plans on before 49 so he’s gonna get a lot number 5, but have boarding men gift say is give certain apple charges a mailing it happened blog is still banned business card or letter on each end Joe campus
If I’ve picked database covered a lot made a subset that you’ve got the dejected abilities either but he had a lot number 6 but have all 8 opportunities it will effect has avoided, if there’s a dance upcoming kirke Amendola made each other female amounted James Wallich accidental tool and collapsing medleys and then joking up, but the answers upon so getting you in meeting a number 7 but have bush Jr you bought the video give today that you’ll be how that I’ll be a gift of new digital did they handle it in the office you know, that if you are B. let. I sent Dan on would you be said taking it the owner of the mighty they must of mis out those are not ideal all year long pushed upward, and is under 38 it’ll be skimming dang it number 8 I got up it was best to get the meaning it to opportunity terrible might already be there’s a dance come on W. 30 mainly.
I usually can you give a child a lot already equities Michael which got us a little bit silly but bonded out of it that’s getting to me I JD number 9, but have but if you’ll be difficult but if you only know what the attack of the money that that automatically openness will retirement be terrible, but if you only have to Kannada lake interviewed by us and you will buy out all enough women’s honorable into danger, but bill me getting a new budget is upset because he took dance number then but had nothing would laughing with the other half Oakley be gifted a diet tool, but these are the lucky 1 I doubt I do often include you got nothing with that it is a fan yeah I think you’re cute sungard with Debbie isn’t there jokey aqua, and is under 250 rupees coming data delays articulable as as he moved out of New York City allegedly delisting the latest out of those little jobs that I’ve gotten a.

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