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Amazon gets $15 campaign ③
Step by step
Get $15 for Amazon Prime, and the steps are really easy, estimated to take less than 5 minutes!
When: Until October 31, 2022 (Pacific Time)
Active: Amazon Prime members who are not using Amazonphotos (Amazon cloud album for backup photos, free for prime members)
Operations on mobile phones
1 Confirm eligibility

Method : Open Amazon, click the Prime interface,scroll down to the “See more ways Prime members save” interface, and find the activity interface “Get a15 Credit with Amazon”
Download Amazon photos from Google Play/Apple store and sign in
Open the “Automatic Photo backup” function as prompted and upload at least 1 photo automatically.
Within 47 days you will receive a mail with 15 credit. You can then continue using Amazon Photos or uninstalling as needed.
Matters needing attention
Only available to prime members who upload a photo to Amazon photos for the first time
The $15 gift is available for purchase of more than $30 on Amazon proprietary orders, which expire on Nov 15, 2022
Does not apply to gift card purchases and digital content.


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