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Hope you enjoy the video and I hope you find it helpful. I’d like to thank Glen and Mark for giving me a heads up on this controller. All the information is on their website, and if you want your very own, use the coupon code ACE for a  10% discount at the link below:


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1 of the things that made the Nintendo switch so widely popular since its release way back in 2017 has been the ability to play console quality games either hooked up to your television or on the go when you remove your switch from the dock now for someone like me I love playing in docked mode hand there are not always the best experience for me I’m not a huge fan on either the original switch or the switch lead of the way that the council feels in my hands with a stark choice counts here it just feels slippery it feels then feels wide it is not the way that I want to play my switch now a number of manufacturers have come up with grips and grip cases in ways that you can go ahead and. This up to get you a better hand held experience and we’re actually going to take a look at one of those here today everybody here here with rock solid productions thanks for coming by checking out our office out here today as you can see as we continue going on we are getting things more more set up with that TV home we’ve got everything hooked up we are really excited to keep going and produced more awesome content from here in our new studio what I want to know from you here today in this episode in tennis which intend the switch lead in tennis which light what is your switch choice hand handheld or docked mode for me like I mentioned I just prefer playing in docked mode now the folks over at nixie gaming and I hope that pronouncing that properly right before we moved they sent us these guys here and I apologize to them it is taking me a little bit longer to get to this just due to the move but this is designed to replace the joy cons on your Nintendo switch and give you an overall better hand help performance it does also have this joinery looks like on here so you can go ahead and use it as a joy con grip or a pro controller replacement so we’re going to do in this video is we’re going to go ahead take this on a box to check it out we’re going to test the both on the original switch which is what’s hooked up and playing behind me in my switch that that’s how I was able to pull this out chante was still playing back behind me let me know down to what’s your favorite shot taken let’s go ahead it’s a fundamental check these guys out so here we have the nixie gaming joypad or joy con grip here for the Nintendo switch on the bench now one thing I do want to just throw out there real quick they did send me this for the purpose of review they’re not checking out anything that we’re doing or saying I had a time my thoughts and opinions are all my own here so looking at the box as you can see it actually got kind of beat up and shipping so I’m hoping it’s okay. So out of the box you get the other stuff behind here so here are the controllers themselves the joy cons as you would. They do feel significantly bigger than the stock chart cans were going to compare them here in a moment I do want to check them out with the the joiner here. Kind of a tight fits. Yeah not the easiest first. Tyler this doesn’t feel terrible but is definitely wider than a pro controller would be. Let’s go ahead. Take a look at the back here so you have M. and T. sun mode and maybe turbo 3 are 3 album looks like to be a programmable back button which is interesting. Digital shoulder buttons not analog so I mean I can tell that right away now on the bottom here you do have dual USB C. ports to charge both of them and you have only one USB C. cable. I would like to see 2 included of war 1 with the why and the answer that way you can charge both them at 1 time so if we take a look right here charging instructions when the controllers are in the U. S. B. charging state the LED lights will flash slowly if connected to the council the lights will stand was fully charged Natalie to be off when so basically it does charge through it’s gotta have connections to the system there all right that is that is a nice thing to see so they will charge through the system so here’s something interesting or 5 levels of vibration 100 755030 off the default level is 50 percent press the TV button and then use the left analog stick to adjust the controller vibration level press the TV button to use the right analog stick to just the right fiber second. Alternate just the vibration independently that’s interesting. The LED settings was on the back here. So color mode button combinations present how the T. button and a joy stick then released to change the color fax 1 is read to his orange trees yellow forest green 5 a scion sixes blues sevens purple he is remote press and hold the T. button and the joy stick to change the brightness there are always the joystick to fix the brightness control vibrate when adjusting for automotive hold T. and then press the joystick twice 13 auto cycling 2018 color are recycling to his rainbow light press mode 3 turn off the light press down the joystick twice to change a light pattern press down the juristic twice to change my panic for trouble vibrate when adjusting okay overall pretty interesting Sir gonna start off here with our original switch on my slide off the joy cons and the first thing I want to do. He’s just compare the size of the joy cons with these guys because it is a huge difference I am 9. Look at that how much bigger these are the messages the analog stick I do like that it is curved him verses the bubble top that the only M. ones have I do I do for for this a lot more the D. pad. Feels decent backlight that actually does not feel bad at all. Now 4 and. No it has the shoulder buttons there too if you would want to use that. I don’t think it’s great myself for that but so that’s interesting. Sign off the other side and you can see here how much bigger it is than the right joy con now it does not have the I. R. Cameron the bottom so that is something to be aware. The analog stick has more overall travel to. Buttons are no he’s in big does have your plus fun one with your home button okay. So set the only am joy cons aside. Grab our switch. And try it out. Right up that is great. It is why I will tell you that much this thing is now super super wide so T.. There’s yellow. There’s the green. Lou. Yes Siam. Purple. There’s the rainbow. There’s a red. Orange. Yellow. Yeah those are neat and I just want to test the lag and latency through something like punch out. We’ll play a couple quick around here just to see how the performances and I’m actually gonna try the D. pad initially. Yes this this does feel Jain Norma’s. I mean I can’t complain about the responsiveness you press a button he reacts. Thank you yes it’s glass G. O. I get it but still that’s not terrible. With the Starpoints there. Yeah I have to say I have no complaints about the responsiveness at all I mean. Press the button he reacts. Yeah we just knocked out last year which not a huge surprise and again this is on my standard Nintendo switch now what I’m gonna do I’m gonna actually take these off here and go to the home screen pop these off I just want to verify to that these 2 well now I mean there’s no verification has the the combiner. The power that off. No I’m gonna do is I’m gonna bring in my switch lead. Because I want to try Street Fighter 2. Thomas because that’s another game that is really good for testing out the R. the overall performance and I should be able to pretty much hot spot this over here. Okay work just fine. No one thing that this does show off as well as just how beautiful switch led display is I mean it’s nice you can you can’t say that it’s not. Who can resist review. So far so good dragon Africa. I don’t know why it’s disconnecting like that unless the the battery could be low which is what’s causing that to happen. May I did not. Did not charge these but it should be charging off of the system I would thank. I have to say I’m really digging the responsiveness here. Our. Hello there I screwed up. Well we got him yeah that is interesting that it kept disconnecting or wanting us to repair. Currently is I’m gonna happen to the switch online service. For the N. 64 and just check and see how it works for that. We’ll dive into some Super Mario 64 real quick. Notices before watching the price down to the right watch the late here. She gets brighter. Does that around the house your comfort that’s actually needle touch. I will say this does not feel quite right compared to playing with an N. 64 controller but I don’t know anything that would let’s check and see one of the reasons why I wanted to do smarter 60 fours how precise are the analog sticks so let’s check the left stick here. It looks like it has a decent amount of dead Branham you can see how much I’m moving here and I’ll come a bit closer. For Mario’s. I mean that’s a lot I mean I’m moving it to 3 millimeters at least before his movement so it’s not overly touchy. But there’s definitely. Dead man that could be tied up in there okay overall I mean this doesn’t feel terrible like I say the analog sticks they’re very smooth but I am definitely noticing that that band. But persists feel great still I mean that that is something to be take note of I’m. Not having any of the issues like I did before where it looked to be disconnecting and I don’t know if it’s if it was a battery charging issue that has now been taken care of because it’s been connected to the system for a few minutes to charge up the battery on each of the joy cons the rumble does I mean even at 50 percent the rumble is strong I don’t know that I would use this for my daily driver I still think that they are. Very very wide. It is it for me at least it is an improvement over the stock units. They definitely they’re nowhere near slippery. And they do give you a. Better overall grip on the system. There we get king the bomb we got a star and Super Mario world Super Mario 64. So there you have it our look at the nixie gaming joy cons for lack of a better term for the Nintendo switch what do I think about it so I do like the fact that they do charge through the system I’m glad that I was wrong about that should read through the manual of the more completely as I was going through and doing my testing but it does charge through the system they are China Armos they do more the original joy cons they dwarf the pro controller look how much wider it is than the pro controller so this is something if you have big hands this is what you want to go with I like the colors the colors are really sharp. A little impractical because you’re not looking at the controller as you’re playing you’re watching the screen you’re watching the screen on your switch you can’t catch it out of your peripheral vision and it is one of those where I did notice that you know basically the the LEDs get brighter opposite direction from what you’re pointing so you know right now it’s brighter towards the center now it’s right away from it rumble is really really good I never found a need to go past what this is on the box 50 percent I did not use the back of the turbo buttons myself I generally don’t use those a whole lot I may turn on the turn on try it later on for like star fox or shooter something along those lines but overall. It’s okay from what it is and here is our preference that like I say I am not generally a fan of the joy cons or joy con grip it is a better experience than that but these are huge now one thing I will say that this has a definitive advantage over the split pad pro is the built in battery you can use this as you see it here as a joy con basically a pro controller replacement or as a joy con grip for lack of a better term this the fact that it’s kinda raise there I wish that would be scalped more towards I understand why they couldn’t because of how it’s gonna set against the system but maybe raising the center part up so that it meets this a little bit better one of them nice I’m here to button presses more responsive as you saw as I was playing punch out and as I was playing Street Fighter there is quite a bit of dead bam I thought in the analog sticks some people may like that some people may not for first person shooters it may be something where you feel like you’ve got to move the sticks White a bath out of center to be able to adjust your shop your mileage may vary so overall it’s an interesting concept it looks killer just not an ideal solution for me might be freed up again your mileage may very now if you do have any other comments or questions always feel free to leave them down in the comments section I will have a link to where you can pick one of these up down below in a pen comment if you like to do so if you have any other questions you can always go ahead feel free to email me at rock solid mail at G. send me a message on Twitter at rocks out studio square on Facebook at slash rockstar productions and Instagram slash rocks are productions G. K. now if you are looking for any other accessories for the switch cases ways to carry the system if you’re looking for ways to carry the game. If you’re looking for games haven’t over Castlevania the cool thing over there is he has a feature called castle cash for the more you spend the more you earn towards future purchases and cash on cash is just like cash should get 20 Bucks in castle cast you’ve got 20 Bucks to spend at the castle you can also use promocode rock solid 10 to save 10 percent off of most items on the website that happened when I hit the back button twice didn’t know why that did that interesting. Check that out so it does have some macros programmed right into it now if you do want to see other videos that we have on the switch the switch like this which and first and foremost if you haven’t seen the new ones and you want to keep up informing update with when we have new ones coming out hit that subscribe button now if you wanna see other videos like our unboxing of the switch let our regional unboxing of the switch and switch light those videos are coming up for you right now. 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