NYXI Wireless Joy-pad for Nintendo Switch Unboxing


Hope you enjoy the video and I hope you find it helpful. I’d like to thank Glen and Mark for giving me a heads up on this controller. All the information is on their website, and if you want your very own, use the coupon code ACE for a  10% discount at the link below: https://nyxigaming.com?source_type=sales_plugin_af&slt=sales_plugin_af&referral_code=V53CB1TQQOEY


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Let me know if you have any ideas for the next custom controller in the comments!

You don’t deserve what Jack back again with another video today we’re gonna be doing a quick unboxing and first impressions of the N. Y. Xie wireless joypad with the RGB you can get this on their website currently as of this video for $47 but regularly there 70 Bucks all leave the link in the description this is my first time. In this space with this particular controller I they have a clear one white one black one this looks like this the black box I tried to get the the clear one they say they didn’t have it so I asked the White. I get this one of the box hopefully it is a white one but we’ll see before we get started like share subscribe it really really helps out the channel I really really appreciate it so without further ado let’s kind of go ahead and get into it as you can see this is the the branding. For the boxes with the controller looks like. These are some of the features. End of the spectrum. One C. with the work and we. Noon so I did get. So this is a clear wasn’t in stock in the city or send me the white one I mean the yeah the white one. Well I guess I got it so I’m happy about that here is the the. Instructions pretty lengthy has turbo you can adjust the vibration you can do that but this time it’s on the back the LED settings oh man this this looks like this thing was a legit here a couple things on a couple different channels about it so I’m excited to get it here in the studio and put it through its paces USB C. to USB 8 definitely fill in that here’s the midsection right here the light. Doesn’t look like anything right how about here is the star of the show really excited about these. 2 books. Okay so my first impressions I’m definitely feeling I have bigger hands in dis fig. He’s fit perfectly okay so you see the backside buttons right here. Well. Unlike these shoulder buttons nice and clicky. So the the front buttons there there okay you know but again you know when you’re going 30. Third party you know you don’t usually get a you know the highest of high quality but what I can say is the directional button definitely feeling that buttons again they’re super clicky not as quickly let me see let me grab my. Switch only. So I don’t see you guys can kind of see how they look. Play me some little animal crossing. Oh man. Okay so again it is like right on the interstate you know no pairing anything as soon as I slid a mourner song definitely yeah I’m I’m I’m feeling this as you can see the the lighting the RGB I’m really I’m gonna play with him a lot you know what no I don’t play with the buttons. Not. Not bad okay. Okay. No not really read things up no no no keep up but yeah these are pretty dope so again if you guys any questions comments concerns all put put into it those places like I do everything on my channel give me a little bit because I love to live with stuff I don’t like to turn around and give just you know reviews I I’ll do ha I like to live with him so if you guys give me a minute but if you got any questions be in between them just saw let me know but I’m a give you guys a pattern here you guys take care of each other happy holidays and be safe base.


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