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Hope you enjoy the video and I hope you find it helpful. I’d like to thank Glen and Mark for giving me a heads up on this controller. All the information is on their website, and if you want your very own, use the coupon code ACE for a  10% discount at the link below: https://nyxigaming.com?source_type=sales_plugin_af&slt=sales_plugin_af&referral_code=V53CB1TQQOEY


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Let me know if you have any ideas for the next custom controller in the comments!

Good morning guys have done a bit of a different upload for you today nixie the company you see right here on this strange controller box contact me directly and said Hey do you want to review our wireless controllers for the Nintendo switch and I said yes we’re gonna do a couple different pieces of content for them the first is this on Boxing were doing which isn’t going to be too intricate in a minute to review later on maybe next week probably I do want to have enough time to really stress test the controllers before throwing a review out but let’s go to get started with the unboxing we’ll take a look at the box itself so on the front you see like the whole design of the controllers it’s got its own little grip here kind of like the joy con grip a little bit bigger to have a more classic console controller feel. In over here on the right we see like the colors right here there actually are LEDs on the controller itself around the analog sticks that you can customize is this going or features like okay you can work use it wirelessly you can attach it to the switch for handheld mode it’s got gyroscope it’s got vibration it’s got all these nice features of joy cons also have and then back here is just kept saying oh here’s what’s in the box the controller is the frame charging cable user manual in little bits of information right here. But let’s go ahead and start opening up the box and see what is inside no I’m not gonna lie technically I already did this unboxing video I had a really nice one recording and it had so much shaky cam on it that it was horrible so I put everything back in exactly the way it was. It’s just not the first time opening anymore. So let’s go ahead and pull this out. So we’ve got our instruction manual here like has a little diagram going over all the buttons because you got a lot more buttons on the joy cons have there a couple customizable buttons on the back there’s a turbo button there’s all kinds of fun customizable stuff here. But we got our. Instruction manual we’ve got V. grip right here now. There are no great things on the side because they’re on the controllers themselves and this is a bit wider than the joy con one like I said before holding this with the controllers in is going to be more like holding an Xbox or a PS 4 controller. And then we’ve got our charging cable which is just standard USB to USB C. charging cable. But enough about that let’s dive into and look at the controllers because that’s really what’s important here some of the box the site will go ahead and take this plastic piece off toss it over there somewhere okay so we’ve got 2 pretty big controllers in for the sake of comparison I will grab a pair of joy con so you can see. So right joy con. In this it’s huge but anyway we’ll look at the design on it they’re pretty much the same we’ve got our standard buttons on it like this site has the home button the plus button faced off in the analog stick you got your little pairing button in the middle and the 2 joy con things if you want to do one joy con mode and then on the back we’ve got his big button right here I haven’t really gone into all the buttons yet but I’m pretty sure one of these is a turbo mode button which will be awesome for some like rapid fire games. And the other one ‘s pretty much the same thing just Hey here’s all the stuff in the dark on your some extra buttons on the back. So let’s move this stuff around in let’s actually put it on the switch for real quick test. Sir when we slide it on here you do have to put more force into it and then went if then if you were sliding a regular joy con onto it like right here fine we hope to get some resistance right here we have to put up already decent amount of pressure to get it to snap on. It does the same thing on its own grip that came with it. But the snap on just fine you can’t really do the stand up thing. With the kickstand with a like this. But anyways just to show offs of the features of this it actually feels pretty nice with how big they are. But as the box said it has motion aiming so regular stuff no lag whatsoever I’m really happy about that and then go in here who’s in New. Motion aiming. Pretty much no live here as we’re gonna fight and probably get killed by these guys been a while since I played breath of the wild. Got motion aiming here the motion aiming works really well at least as far as I’ve tested so far. And if we wanted to test it even more. Let’s go ahead and take them off take them off is pretty much a lot easier than in putting it on. Okay and we are connected wirelessly pope couldn’t pull that up so you can see a little bit what’s going on. Pretty much the same situation I haven’t noticed any why get everything responds really well. So as someone who’s been using them for like an hour I’m pretty happy with them but we’ll see what happens when we get to the actual review now we’ll go ahead and close this out. And I’ll show you them in their little great thing before we close out here Sir will put them in the group like so now like I said there they take a decent amount of force to slide in here especially this one right here. But it’s pretty nice. And one other thing I’ll say. Is waking the switch up now these can wake the switch up from sleep mode instead of having to hold the apparel button down. Use it once you hit the power button for like half a second and boom it wakes it up and does the same doctor it’s a really nice feature. But let’s not go too long here this was just a simple little on Boxing. I’m looking forward to messing around these controllers some more and if you’re curious about them you can access on them on nixies website they will run you about $46 right now they are I think they’re normally like 6569 or something hold on just a little bit less than what the actual joy cons cost. But anyways I’m gonna go to dive into these for a while and I’ll be back with a review of them in probably about a week.



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