Best Nintendo Switch Controller -Binbok Honest Review

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Okay, so this is a review of these been back pro-Nintendo switch joy-cons controllers you switch your joy-cons out for this on your switch in a hot take I love them, and let me break down why the number one reason is these joysticks are incredibly comfortable on they chose a really good design for the joystick-like the top little grippy part. Sit super comfortably it just feels good on the thumb really good grip I never I could be barely touching this with my thumb and I still wouldn’t worry about my thumb slipping off of it or anything awesome the other part of that is that these are full fat Bigelow joy sticks on there not like the baby Nintendo switch joy sticks that is the number one thing I complain about with my switch and my switch light is that the joysticks just. Can they suck honestly I hate using them these are big they have a decent amount of resistance not too much but a decent amount just? So much more satisfying. The R. 3 L. 3 click is so good and they’re just did the choice now the buttons are okay arm their average right on maybe a little bit lower quality than like PlayStation buttons are a B. X. Y. is like a little bit squish you then I’d like I I don’t understand fully buttons on controllers specifically tend to be just a bit softer than like your plus or minus buttons other things ever really satisfying click I don’t know why that is maybe it’s because they’re used so much that she has to cushion them a bit because you know you can be hitting it over and over and over again I don’t know the triggers are buttons right there didn’t switch triggers and honestly, these are the worst part of the controller there just kind of soft not very satisfying to hit them something like the backbone one has way more satisfying like a click to it these are just kind of. I mean they’re there it’s just math no it also features an underside map a bowl R. 3 or L. R. for all for whatever you this one’s called E. R. N. E. L. but the E. is backward as well yep Greek symbol right they have the underside buttons there really satisfying honestly there that’s. I like that but the nice thing yeah you can map them to any other part and press you want to which is probably one of the most. I would say gimmicky features of a switch I just don’t know how many switch games do you really need an undersized checker unless you’re you know I don’t want to have the R. button you’d rather have that underneath so that you can use our Z. and L. Z. with your pointer and then have that maybe that’s a good reason to do it I think the mapping is probably a bit overkill for most switch games but who knows they also have a turbo mode you can set anything to click multiple times in a second so you set to roll on a certain button you hold it down and rapid fires again I don’t know how many switch games you necessarily want that with any gun in a game that has you know a single click M. own is in rapid fire I typically want to conserve ammo on so I don’t really want rapid fire that there’s no reason the rapid fire jump I’m sure that somebody here can say Hey nonny rapid fire for this specific thing I just personally don’t have a use case for rapid firing into into switch game so and we let me know now one thing this controller does that’s just super strange that has these LED lights underneath the trigger wells and you can do different LED light configurations I think there’s 3 default ones built in arm they make it look really cool actually I’m sure that it’s going to be hard for me to capture on camera but in person are they actually do look pretty cool I gotta admit I think the LED lights on this are a good addition of the one thing I worry about is the LEDs on a controller it will waste your battery life a little bit more not a ton but I these each have a 5000 power battery life failure to abroad mainly news so I can get past these each of a $500000000 battery life and that’s not I mean it’s. Pretty standard for this type of controller is that the type of like you know the third party I don’t see a knock-off, third party controllers, I especially their party budget oriented controllers like this tend to have just the worst battery don’t know why specifically but 500000000 powers it doesn’t get you a ton 3 to 4:00 hours of playtime which is some you may say really bad if you’re gonna have these being plugged in I mean each of them has a USB C. ports you could plug it into power I don’t I just go outside. It’s up to you if your plane went 3 for hours at a time then you may need 2 pairs of these controllers now one thing I want to talk about that’s just. However this I love. The design of this controller design, in general, is super comfortable to hold in the hand the second I put this my hand held I was like this is just it’s like they took my hands and made a mold out of them it’s like they snuck into my house at night made sure I was unconscious sprinkle little something in my oatmeal flakes and I fell asleep and they took my hands and they put him in a vat of something that they could use to then 3 D. model this controller specifically for me honestly man bok you kind of creeping on me a little bit too much no but for real these are extremely comfortable to hold I love this design know what it is it fits my palm perfectly it makes my thumb rest exactly over the buttons on the left-hand rests perfectly on the trigger. It’s a little thicker so you’re not kind of crunched up. Old lady, you’re something that you’re you’re holding it comfortably I don’t know why or how. But I love it as far as the build quality goes there is a light like really light so they don’t feel crazy premium I mean there are no moving parts on a really besides the joysticks there’s nothing that feels like the guy. Like it’s gonna break or fall off on it actually locks into the switch a little more snugly than the joy cons do so it’s like right now these are really there on there now you see these ones here they sent me the animal crossing ones which I think was a tactical error on their part because they look like little kids toys thanks for a good catchy thumbnail but personally I prefer black all white cleared which they do make all of those are these happened at the time the only have these ones in stock for review but I gotta say overall build quality design I love it the one thing you’re gonna want to think about in some of the downsides to design like this and why the switch probably made the decisions they didn’t want these are tall these are just less portable right they’re bigger this is now this is a unit right this isn’t even remotely pocketable hi this is like a laptop size item now that you’re putting in your bag or wherever you go to these are going on a switch right and being on a switch off you know you switch between how you play it you take your joy cons off you give one to your buddy putting kickstand mode you play whatever yeah these are not really meant to be used any orientation besides. Full full fat gamer right which makes sense they’re pro controllers that’s why they’re designed this way but just another thing to consider right if you’re buying these to and you do use your switch in that mode sometimes in this way you can bring with you these are not really party mode friendly then that’s fine that’s I think makes for a better product ultimately but just not you know you don’t wanna play Mario party with those specific joy joy cons I see a lot of these are in my opinion the most comfortable controller is controller control isn’t one controller to in some ways it’s both anyway the best best control I’ve used for the switch so far I love it I’ve used many other dedicated switch controllers what I love is this can switch between the little doc thing and being in the switch on oh man on this which in itself it just is a much more comfortable portable gaming thing honestly I’ve been waiting for a product like this to show up because I really don’t enjoy gaming on my switch later switch for longer than maybe an hour because it’s just not comfortable on the hands it this makes me want to just sit there and hold it forever so that brings in the conversation the the ending you know the closing notes of overall value right is this a good value you can buy this for $49 on Amazon right now at least in my region and I think on their website it’s even less expensive on but even at $49 this is a great value joy cons are more expensive than that and giving you a worse user experience the one thing I’d be a little cautious about his battery life but I can’t even speak to if it’s that much worse than joy cons normally now it’s worse than a lot of pro controllers battery life but maybe not worse than joy cons if you’re looking to replace your joy cons and you do most of your gaming either by yourself on your switch or in controller mode I think this would be a better option for replacing your joy cons I’m if you’re looking to play in a more pro friendly manner there are other options out there if you’re playing only exclusively on your TV but if you are playing. Portability and you want some of those pros features these are some of the best that I have seen especially for your dollar W. Bach anyway that’s all I’ve got thank you for watching and subscribe if you want to see me in the next one. I’m not the man I think I am at home no no no then I think it’s gonna be a long long time any way they were watched by.

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