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Hope you enjoy the video and I hope you find it helpful. I’d like to thank Glen and Mark for giving me a heads up on this controller. All the information is on their website, and if you want your very own, use the coupon code ACE for a  10% discount at the link below:


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All right guys so I got these bimbos joy cons from Amazon I was able to make a video on these but I decided I need to so you don’t have to waste your money. What’s UP guys welcome back welcome to the first time if you are new here do me a favor there’s a link to our discord down below click that link get in there and I will talk to you in this video it’s going to be a quick one so I saw these joy cons on Amazon I stumbled across them looking for you know something to review something to check out something new and these looks really cool they take a ton of inspiration from the hoary split pad pro a time but they also have a plus side you can actually use them away from the switch you can disconnect and they have a battery and Bluetooth they come with this little this little joy con grip thing here so you can actually use these as a controller if you want not only that they have little white around the stick that you can change the color of which will go into in a minute so at first glance on Amazon you know these things were about $40 I was like you know maybe these are great maybe these actually are the hoary split pad pro killers because they also have one other thing that the other joy con. These ones you guys remember the review I did on these I still absolutely love these I have a few pairs of these I will also link these down below because I recommend these over these 4 short but the one thing that these have these do not are the extra metal buttons on the back so these do have everything but the split pad pro has what they do not have is the quality they don’t have the quality of anything they are probably some of the worst feeling joy cons I have ever used and it’s very very disappointing because as I said these things actually have everything the only thing those ones were missing was this extra button and these are actually way bigger than these as well if you notice these are actually more shaped like a controller just like the split pad pro where the buttons aren’t directly over top of the sticks in the deep has also not directly over the sticks a lot of people really like the controller set up more like that than you know right over top of each other like these or the regular joint concerts so I’ll go ahead and show you here but I’m probably gonna be pretty B. roll over there so you can see a little bit better but you can see here they do light up different colors and if I remember correctly no there it is so you actually hold down the T. button on the back here and then hold down the the extramarital button you can cycle through a bunch of different colors as you can see here we got yellow we’ve got green got blue got purple. Got another blue there’s purple. And then you’ve got the little rainbow color red yeah you get it you can cycle through whatever color you want you can make each of them individual colors that’s cool I mean it does look cool I mean I’m not going to argue that point it looks awesome another thing I think this looks 1000 times better than the split pad pro is the fact that they are thicker than the switch but instead of putting the ball on the top they put it on the back that’s exactly what I said they should have done with the split pad pro I think it’s very weird that has this lip on the front it makes no sense to me at all so they’ve got that going for him to again qualities off moving on to the buttons here these face buttons are some of the cheapest feeling buttons I have ever used they don’t rattle a whole lot but they just feel like the mushy as soft as cheap as plastic you can imagine the stakes aren’t bad they don’t feel terrible they’re big so that’s good I don’t have a check for dead so much good check the dems and right now you guys can tell I have not scripted any of this so kind of doing this on the fly okay let’s go back let’s check to see if these have a dead zone I’m sure they’re going to have a dead zone however it sticks that’s interesting okay yeah that’s that’s very weird okay so this one has barely any dead zone in this one has a huge dead zone so obviously the quality control not bear on me now some other stuff these do have going for them because like I said they feel cheap but they have everything they do live rumble they do have most control they’ve pretty much got everything except for amiibo support so they do beat the split pad pro in all those categories I think they look better than the split that broke and I was really really hopeful when I saw these things on Amazon that I was going to get them and be so happy with them and make this video about how much I love them but I do not recommend these at all as cool as they look they feel absolutely terrible I just cannot recommend them now if you’re okay with the buttons feeling the way they do in the cheap feeling if you want this book by all means I’ll leave. The link for you to check them out but just be prepared to feel some of the cheapest plastic but you’ve ever felt even the rails even the rails when they go on and off it’s just it’s it’s not good there’s absolutely no feeling of quality in these whatsoever yeah I mean they look cool can’t recommend I would recommend these over those any day of the week I absolutely love these Olympians below as well but guys that’s all I have for this one unfortunately I’m gonna be sending these back to Amazon I’m going to take a read over here do a little bit B. roll back in the box and back to Amazon the guys that’s all I have for this one thank you so much for watching this video please leave a like make sure you’re subscribed check out the links in the description to our discord and to check out these or these and we will see you in the next one.


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