NYXI JoyCons Review & 1st Impressions | Wireless JoyPad w/8 LED RGB Lights



Hope you enjoy the video and I hope you find it helpful. I’d like to thank Glen and Mark for giving me a heads up on this controller. All the information is on their website, and if you want your very own, use the coupon code ACE for a  10% discount at the link below: https://nyxigaming.com?source_type=sales_plugin_af&slt=sales_plugin_af&referral_code=V53CB1TQQOEY


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Everybody I wanted to make something clear very quick this is not been Bach some people take this is been Bach is not been box is probably made by the same exact warehouse in its rebranded but they are not being blocked is it makes the gaming I do apologize there’s a lot of similarities I’ll probably make another video and after purchase another been bought but anyways to go out to the video because there’s something I might possibly give away if you put in the comments what to tell you to put in the video I got into the video. Concert by doing you got to watch an elegant taken today we have a fun video for you guys we’re gonna be going over the nixie wireless joypad with 8 colors LED 40 switch now this could be similar to make them look that only right over here which I actually made a video of I would drop that link will be here in this corner so you guys can take a look at that video if you haven’t seen it yet and this one ‘s fun but it’s got a lot of issues that I don’t like am I feeling my age let me solve this one. So first things first before we get started on this it does have the 8 color LED 3 will breathe you’re still uses the greens and the current colors it is wireless you get dual vibration 6 axis gyroscope in wired wired in and it works you know regular regularly and it works 3 different ways obviously you can use them separate with that or attached to the switch so is gonna be very cool is it tells you how to switch the colors which I’m assuming is similar to the other devices that says T. for turbo and then clicking on for the the colors which and the color mode so double tap here looks like and it was one of the box it. Let’s see what we got going on. I just received this in the mail yesterday actually I was busy I was actually watching venom comic movie theaters starting a chance to do anything. Yes one watches this was my first movie 8 the after credits the movie crazy. All right so here we go about 6 right here. It feels nice to feel different it doesn’t feel as good as the other one. We’ll go. So the bottom. You have this slight grave here it’s not really a grip I would even consider a grip with a slippery as the top part. So it does feel slightly different. I’ll look in the light already came on with that I do. The light came on immediately. I do something. Okay well this is what it looks like it’s come up they can messing up the hallways with back row that I used to own it but I got rid of the. Here we have his type C. C. this is what I like the C. type C.. Type C.. So here we have the 2. The 2 chart some assume in I’m still going to have that same issue when I have to charges individually I’m not sure if these are going to charge with my switch when I plug it in. Hopefully I can figure that out for you guys but it’s his first impressions so we might have to hit them up and see what’s going on with that. Your cemex console. Corporate. Okay that’s pretty at the look of that’s pretty big and that’s actually extremely comfortable all right so if I go to my old one which is right over here on the side. I’m a show you guys this real quick. So this is my. The one that I. Yes the the size difference right here. So this these aren’t bad. But the D. pad is horrible on these and it’s actually pretty small like this is actually kind of tall. It is actually slightly taller than this one if you put in I’m sorry if you put them side by side is actually slightly taller than that one. This feels amazing wow this. The way this feels like this feel I don’t even wanna quit the to to switch I mean this feels really premium I mean I’m not saying the quality on the field be on premium it’s got some darker spots here if you guys look right there. And it right over here in the reminds me of one someone’s been using this device and you get that little oily residue there that’s from rising up but that’s just probably the way it came out. Wow I’m already impressed with this you get your extra buzz over here it manually it’s verbose so the extractions are over here. Apos video go to this to make sure I’m not missing any features or anything like that special let’s get right to it. I went to the instructional last though so we did find out these would charge but they’re on the switch and they’re not you’ll get the lights flashing that they’re working and anyways with the controllers and it shows here that the chart so it’s cool feature you have to just unplug it every single time and put both of them I personally think the this feature it we shouldn’t have this I mean there’s no reason for us to have to plug into USB cords to charge these individually I think that feature is so unnecessary and so are reliable so I think what they should do. Yes create something where you plug them in and you plug it right here in this will charge both of them also you need. You know especially if you’re just on the go and you don’t have your dog with you. Who’s gonna carry 2 USB ports with them unless you could just carry the one I’m just being realistic making make him a test of this. One port. I just bought the Plano simple even if it’s reduced speed charges both of them. I so it does have the turbans richer right here on the back so you get trouble he observed you keep in mind that these buttons are specific to each side so the turbo on the left will not work the trouble on the right the manual mode on the right will that work to Manuel on the left any buttons on the left so if you guys wanna switch these lights on you hold hold on the terrible ones just like the last video that I made a whole lot of trouble you click blue. Thank. All the colors red. Engine you can have whatever color combination you want I mean and then that’s really cool for especially because my sent in if you have us rest which like me. I want to make sure these guys are kinda cool what’s the right at. Read so it’s alright and if you adjust the brightness you keep that button that got him into trouble and you just hold it and you hold this he said about his low medium high the highest low medium high the highest so you have the option to customize the size however they want now I’m pretty sure the brighter they are in whatever color combination you have might impact battery life I’m I’m not entirely sure. Low realistically they should so and then you have the manual mode in the mat in the back which is for map and buttons so for example I can hold down the manual button. And then assembled and then they’ll tap. D. L. B. here. The map it so I just hit that hit it and they normally if I use. This is the L.. O. L. Z.. Z. are those of these LZ sorry guys I’m not used to be fun but anyways the left but the left trigger button if I hold the US realize in monster hunter. The switch do you hold it activates that so you can. Use your little. Why it bugs and teleport okay so already mapped that to this back button right here so you have to do is hold that little button slip in there does you just have to hold it for about 3 to 5 seconds will be here in the manual and then tap the other button that’s on the same side and it will map it. So that’s very cool so if you wanna be quicker and that’s actually really comfortable because this is actually pretty tall is pretty big and if you have small hands it might not be the best for you but map it buttons on something like this is very cool so for example I’m gonna hold down I’m gonna go over here hold down that many on this side and then. That one over here okay so what we’re doing is we’re shooting here you see that. Now that I met them at the bottom. Sitting at the bottom but. And that’s very cool so that’s a cool feature that I. I think we’ll use. Happen buttons is awesome thing and that’s something this one doesn’t have a map buttons is awesome I mean. For the price. That’s something this is a plus I’ll take this day I’m gonna hold on. The school. I don’t play this game in a while how do you. Where is it 6. I think you’ve done okay so that’s a very cool feature that really enjoy let’s see what else so we’re gonna go to turbo buttons right here which is the way same on that use for the lights will not hold that. In tap the R. 2 does not are too but you guys know I’m saying you know hold it and now it’s just gonna keep spamming it you don’t have to tap the trouble makes up well and actually terrible you don’t have to keep tapping. Keep in mind with some games that might impact the game play you might have to trade up the game to Jewish shooter and you have a gun that is not an automatic weapon all you have to do is hold in just keep shooting. Where is the reloading. In some cases some games they might even make the weapon away faster and supposedly so it works really well so we’re gonna go here dumond almost a perfect game to test that out and once we get open here on the show you had a turbo prop you know works correctly I guess we’re gonna get ready to test out this trouble and see how good it is especially like this I’m gonna go to remove this after we test out the turbo and see how effective it is is see if these works completely separate and in the first test of this is there’s any lag or feels different or anything like that. Okay so it’s loading up and we get to it. I well ready to go. All right doesn’t want to make sure they live impressions you guys saw all this. Live in not doing the voiceover. So let’s see the little trouble at the bottom at the bottom. It’s terrible. Turbo sold it. The set ups gonna buy it when it’s ready. So you have terrible where it leaves it on automatically this is stop shooting I think that’s a second get trouble the second time in this though it does that but if they’re both. Have it. It turns off turbo tap it. Okay so now it’s Lee okay so you get 2 different promos you get the trouble that leasing going forever and that’s the second migration and the first vibration is you tap it and it makes a. The same automatic weapon fully automatic okay. So this is we are so many right here when the blast them. In. The juggles extremely responsive. This. A little bit left the right assistance if it is not set up all the way. Okay. Keep in mind I will probably die. Now let’s test it out. I’m going to set up an already automatic weapons this even makes a difference. Okay because some turbos in some remote actually make the automatic slower if you book trouble on it so it doesn’t seem to be the case right here this guy always kills me. Always have a grenade on this stuff. The bookstore in his mouth. If you need this bro. On that street but the trouble one works really well and we’re gonna get to remove this and see what we got going on. I know we’re gonna put him as a remote which is one of the best feeling ones that I’ve had in awhile so it feels really nice. See we’ll try this again the switch a weapon to this one again. An automatic turbo is still there. So you get no lag input this feels exactly the same as your playing with it attached. That. I don’t see a difference. Okay what okay fallen back here is go up my god receive when I get this dude before he gets us. When the switch you get to the office that’s not automatic. Get some help in killing us bro. I’m terrible animals he’s dead with an adult. It was really well like this so now this is a last shot the tested this way this is 3 in one place so when legal like this and see where it will split that this I know it’s gonna be horrible. I’m just doesn’t it I guess. Our last mode is going to get right to it and see if we’re able to do anything effective this way the switch weapons see the trouble still going but will stay no matter what. What mode you’re playing in a song as you put it if this disconnected it’ll turn off the. Okay. With so much this is not good. It was really well but I don’t recommend finding this way. Throughout the. Get this deal the switch to. You know survive this tell you that. Yeah. So. We’ve seen everything was really nice this just as responsive as any other one. He Kelly kills me every time but it’s just just posted everything away so honestly 3 ways. I mean a lot of them already do this but the fact that you have that manual mode that you can map things it I mean it makes it really cool. All features work there’s no issues here so this is. I mean. Usually these are gonna be my new ones. So these really have our place these for me and I’m trying to get these away if anybody wants these if you stuck around this find a video comment down below me make sure you subscribe first okay but I gotta give stuff for free for people to describe but described. You guys can answer for this just come at me how big somebody up I use the original packaging of these just don’t expect these will be the. And these are fine. We just don’t have the manual mode and they’re a little harder to connect when they’re like this but other than that. The winner so keep in mind that these guys. Run for $70 but right now they have a 30 percent off of the website. Now I got I got a code to give you guys so you know under the deal 5 percent off on them but I’m just not gonna do that. The U. S. is it think it’s a good deal and I you know I don’t think it’s a problem for people spend that price on them so we’re just gonna leave it at that hopefully you guys will enjoy it. A cyclic it follow them on their Facebook I’ll post a Facebook over here I would drop the link down below yeah if you see this video on this one this year. Up for it I’ll say forget about the whole any job on this one it would drop the card in that corner right over here but yes anyways you guys have a great day hopefully you enjoy the video some of this you guys can enjoy this yeah I’m also too high to scribe is by the way I will start giving away a couple have phones and I got the brand new I only just that amount. They were part of the blue devices that I got and I will be doing a galaxy lights bulbs review coming up very soon so you guys stick around for that think of all of our other love have get a glass.
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