Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con & Hori Split Pad Alternative | NYXI Joy Pad Milk Style (White Color)


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Hi there welcome to my channel I’m a huge fan of the nixie joypad the nice people at Knicks gaming center for another pair but this time in one of their new colors which happens to be their current most popular model the milk version for those of you new to my channel I reviewed the original black color with some skepticism but after testing those out making a video and then using them nonstop for the past 4 to 5 months they’ve officially become my everyday controller for the switch for anyone who’d rather see that video there’s a link in this video subscription for the black model but essentially the milk or white color version are exactly the same and I’ll be going over all the same features in this video too so first off it comes in the same box but don’t be fooled the milk version or white version of the joypad is inside of here and as mentioned shares all the same features as the original black color trackpad and pretty much every other model joypad on Dixie gaming’s website while getting this box opened let me mention that my promo code for Nexium does still work and for anyone interested in using it use promocode wealthy Jeez LTR for $10 off any purchase of $40 or more on the next website I’ve mentioned this in the past that I don’t take endorsing things lately but I am a fan of these controllers and they’ve made gaming on the switch a far better experience than using the original joy cons so that’s why I gladly accepted this promo code so all the information can be found in this video subscription so with that out of the way the milk color joypad looks really nice I believe they’re supposed to be reminiscent of the let’s switch white joy con so these are alternatives that you can use if you don’t wanna use joy cons that tripped if this is your first time watching a joypad video with me here are the thorough instructions you can see the charging instructions as well as turbo function how to address the vibration and the lights and will be going over all of those features in this video shortly he joined pence themselves have a better ergonomic field in the hoary split pad I’ve mentioned this in my other video but they feel like a cross between the split pad and an Xbox controller so they’re also very. The light around point 165 kilograms which is point 36 pounds or 5.8 ounces so don’t let that deter you I’ve had the black ones for 5 months and the R. use practically every day and they’re still active and functioning and they’ve been dropped many times so they do have some durability as well to the appearance of the store pets looks fantastic to me I love the contrast of the black but it’s with the White shell it looks so good 1 of my favorite color schemes and here is the controller attachment just a normal rectangle but it does it’s job and makes the joypad comfortable in the hand when you want to use them wirelessly I wanted to mention this right away that these joint pets have their own battery so unlike the hoary split pad pro which is infamous for draining the switches battery these run off their own power source and to connect them to the switch is just as easy as normal to UConn’s attach and detach and you’re good to go in wireless mode but my preference for these items are usually in handheld mode because searches so ergonomically effective and just making so much more comfortable while playing your switch in handheld mode for the sake of this portion I’ll use them wirelessly just to show off some of the features so there’s 2 main buttons on the back and M. and T. once remote and once for turbo so let’s go over this the first thing we’re going to go over is how to switch the light colors and all you to do is press the TV button on the back and then press in which analog stick that you want to just turn off my lights so you can see it better and the video is sped up at this portion but I will slow down for the posting a breeding affect so there’s about 8 colors including the rainbow so you double tap the stick and you get into pole sort breathing mode and this is actually how slow it is he just transitions between all the colors so it’s going from red to orange to yellow and just do the whole entire cycle it’s really slow so show off the whole entire thing but if you do it 3 times you get into a breeding rainbow mode so that rainbow effect we just do that little breeding of posting pattern over and over again same applies to the left side hold the T. button just. Not pressing the stick just so you can switch the colors and then you double tap for the poles of the transition breathing effect between all the colors and triple tap for the ripple effect as well too very simple. And really cool to change on the fly especially for the middle streaming and people can see your controller I think it’s on the school things and with this white controller just pops a little bit more compared to the black model that featured in the past really nice touches the next thing that I want to show regarding the lights and I need to pick something that’s a bit more vibrancy can see on camera so choose red is having them for Brighton them so all you to do is hold down the T. button on the back and then hold in the analog stick on whatever side you’re adjusting at that moment and it will go through the dimming cycle or the brightening cycle he just stop on which color or which brightness level you want to be on continuing with the T. button functions this is also how you adjust the vibration of the joy pads hold down the T. button on whichever joypad you wanna just and pressed the analog stick up or down to increase or decrease the vibration level the vibration is quite vigorous on these 2 iPads so you should be able to hear them when I’m adjusting it so I’ll be quiet for a bit and get back to you all the next function. So those are all the functions that can show off without actually playing Nintendo switch game so let me get a doc set up plug it into the Elgato has tried out the back fence and trouble feature of this controller while playing a different game not animal crossing today or smash brothers let’s give it a try and poke one unite but before that I want to show off that these actually do have their own battery source so as you can see right then the bottom left hand corner each joy con has a battery meter so that means it has its own power supply so when attached to the switch it should show its own power supplies will to get to the right side has won 3 now let’s get the left side and sorry it’s behind the second little split screen right there and you can see that’s actually charging the left side had a little bit less intrusive so I’ll make sure to charge that fully later on let’s get back on to the little shop right here and you can see that it’s transitioning back to the bottom left hand corner you can see that the joypad has its own battery for each site has its own battery so it’s crippling United started up and finally try out the back buttons and the terrible. So the left the pad in the left analog stick is working just gonna do a custom match said it’s a really small map and then just make myself the only character player in the game so you can try out some of these buttons and see if everything works but so far everything is functional and everything looks like it’s so cool and nice and strong so hopefully these hold up just as well as the black ones I don’t see why they wouldn’t nixie games quality control is pretty darn good so if something ever happens to these if there’s some sort of catastrophic malfunction or failure with the store pads are definitely make an update video and share that with you all fortunately I haven’t had to make one for the black version and fingers crossed the same applies to the most Christian with that let’s try out the controller and see if it’s functional one of the buttons work well this might not be the best example because you don’t use all the buttons on this game but I’m gonna mash that a button and see if it survives. So a is responsive I’m going to be quiet for a little while and then when you get to the back but it’s in trouble I will come back so initiate up in mash these buttons for a few seconds. All right let’s try out the back button ladies press them press the button and choose which is a the obvious choice for this game they call it the 3 R. button and it works instantly now the 3 R. or the back right paddle is the E. button. All right now onto the fun part the turbo button so if you hold down the T. button that you press a or whatever but you want to set a servo if you do it one time that’s the trouble function see if the hold down the button and enter was initiated to see that my ring around Bhopal sores very rapid and if you want automatic turbo just said it one more time and it’s hands free and he’s attacking on his own Jeez that’s so convenient could you imagine like a Mario party if you have to mash a certain button yeah Jeter Stoneham will take that into account if you can use with these things and play with your friends or do if you want to be that trick but whatever it’s called the violence IV source so the left side can’t really be highlighted too much but I can show you C. L. which I don’t currently have at the moment but it will show a little blip around that but in and it should highlight it so every time I press it it should show some sort of reaction so this gives you all set up as the back button and terrible but an assault so I’m setting 0 as the back button so since I have that set up because he was little button right there toggling or shaking and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna set Z. L. as a term but in a small too and fun fact you can actually use the back paddle with the turbo so whatever but inside it’s terrible and as that back pedal will be used as both so holding it down you can see it’s effective right there and then the full automatic turbo hands free and you can see that the open shaking so let me make it bigger real quick just for those who don’t notice what I’m talking about you’re welcome. The way so that’s pretty much all the functions for this controller and I’m just ecstatic that this works the color scheme is one of my favorites of all time for any sort of controller really glad that I have this to add to my collection and it’s definitely going to replace the black ones for me so overall destroyed pads work the same feel the same and our justice enjoy was the black model so for anyone interested in checking this out on the sea games website there’s a link down below and don’t forget that I have a promo code while V. G. is out here just like my you tube channel name for $10 off any $40 or more on their website and this is good for the whole entire site not just for the short concert here so just like the last set I did an unboxing them before I give this my thumbs up and hope that charge with the video with that if you did like this video feel free to check out these others they might interest you if you really liked hanging out with me today please consider subscribing to be the first to know when I upload something new or even go live on the stream and for those who want to support the channel just a bit more check out my memberships and maybe you’ll see your name at the beginning or end of my next video I see Austin please stay safe out there good bye.
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