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Hope you enjoy the video and I hope you find it helpful. I’d like to thank Glen and Mark for giving me a heads up on this controller. All the information is on their website, and if you want your very own, use the coupon code ACE for a  10% discount at the link below: https://nyxigaming.com?source_type=sales_plugin_af&slt=sales_plugin_af&referral_code=V53CB1TQQOEY


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Hi there welcome to my channel I have another Nintendo switch item today and it’s from the beginning in a video that I made a couple of months ago I featured one of her items called the joypad and it’s pretty much a fusion of pros and cons so you have the features and size of 40 split heads combined with the wireless capabilities of traditional Jewish parents with an added feature that you cannot see their. I suggest at least the surrounding the analog sticks to recap that video I really enjoyed them and they become my daily driver submitted to the switch so I use them every single day so when nixie offered to send me their version of a switch pro controllers lastly accepted and this is what I have in this country please login box but I think this is 1 of those situations where it’s what’s on the inside that counts so as we open up this box and revealed the nixie wireless switch pro controller let me get the price out of the way so this can be found on Nick’s he gave me this website and I left the link down below the video subscription but as of the upload of this video this controller goes for 4999 and if you use promo code while Fiji’s LTR just like the name of my YouTube channel that’s good for $10 off your order on anything on their site so essentially it’s 3999 so since we have the price out of the way what comes inside the box is pretty simple here’s a very comprehensive detailed instructions as your but I think the most important things in that manual is how to use the turbo the LED lights and adjust the vibration which I know how to do because of joint pads so looks like we have a USB C. cable which is actually very surprising throw and I’m sorry Sir these companies sending a micro USB so that’s a nice little touch right there and now we have the main event the actual nixie pro controller itself and that had he survived the plastic is very sticky so you definitely know someone tampered with that after shipping anyway the controller itself feels really nice in the hands it looks a bit taller than the actual official Nintendo switch pro controller in the entire thing is made out of plastic but the back does have a texture on it to help you with your grip the front has that matte plastic feel so it’s not glossy at all so it’s not as much a fingerprint magnet the left analog stick has a nice feel to it there’s a contour on the top and it actually goes inward and sinks in the switch pro controller protrudes a bit and it’s more rounded the stick itself also feels a bit tighter than the switch pro controller and this is all based on preference and I like tighter analog sticks. This is all subjective and that’s my opinion or my preference is to have tighter Alex X. DepEd doesn’t feel too spongy or to cookie it’s right in between all the buttons have a nice press nice feel to it the home button is actually how you turn this controller on so you can press any other button and it won’t activate the controller turn it on some pressing the capture button right there plus minus a just tap the home button get a hold it down if you actually want to turn on the whole entire thing to get it sync up in trying to pair to an internal switch and the rest of the face buttons a B. X. and Y. have a nice amount of tension to press them and so they’re not the typical clicking this sorry for the terrible adjectives that cheaper controllers usually have the right on par with the switch pro controller so they have a nice good feel to them the same goes for the shoulders and triggers in regards to how they feel and when you actually press them and they feel like there’s less travel than the actual Nintendo switch pro controller so takes less effort to press them in fully also as you can see the nixie version is more flash than the Nintendo switch pro controller version and the back button or does the R. button actually goes pass on the switch pro controller while the nixie version blends and just a bit better with the top portion so the USB C. connections are right there in the sync button on the next controllers actually a little bit bigger than the Nintendo switch pro controller to left side feels just as good as the right side and here’s a look at the turbo button and reset buttons on the back now here are a few specs regarding the nixie controllers the dimensions are 5.59 inches long by 4.53 just tall and acres of 1.57 inches and weight wise this is a bit lighter than the official Nintendo switch pro controller and it weighs at 12.1 ounces while the switch pro controller is 14.1 ounces you can tell that there’s the weight difference but to be fair to Nikki controller has a good balance it’s not too heavy or too light so continue its backs it has a 500000000 rechargeable battery and has a playtime or usage time that ranges between 6 to 8:00 hours it takes about 2:00 hours for the controller to fully charge function wise this has 6 axis gyro vibration LED lights and a turbo. A function unfortunately there’s no NFC reader so you can’t reach your amiibo figures or your animal crossing amiibo cards will help launch since I know a little bit about nixie products already I know how to change the LED lights around analog sticks all you have to do is pressed on the turbo button and press in one of the analog sticks and that’s how you change colors unfortunately it’s not sync up to the Nintendo switch quite yet so it went back to sleep so with that let’s get this paired with my Nintendo switch so the process is really easy just go to controllers change grip order return on this controller by pressing down the home button and as soon as S. on all we do is pressed on the sync button until it powers up and keep in mind this portion is sped up by 2 times so it’s a bit quicker than usual all you have to do is just wait a little bit longer and it should get paired up just like how mine is right now and it’s back to one time speed and let me just cycle through all of the colors to show you all what that looks like so yes hold on the terrible but on the backside and impress in one of the analog sticks you can cycle through all 8 colors. Now the match with my joypad so if you double tap while you’re holding down the turbo button it will turn into a breathing effect and it will just make the color have a little breathing motion and you can switch colors as it goes through or it cycles through all the colors when you do a triple tap it will turn into the breathing motion for the rainbow LED color so really easy really intuitive not too hard to learn. My personal favorite is that triple tap rainbow breeding affect and that’s what I usually keep it on the controllers or the stationary rainbow if not I probably have it on that light purple colors just because you never see it on LED lights for random items it’s usually red green or blue so that one seems to stick out the most to me but I’ll keep it on reductions for the rest of this video so we’re gonna get everything loaded up and instead of animal crossing for once we’re gonna play a different game and we’re gonna load up smash brothers just to show some more anarchy and chaos to see the responsiveness of this controller so we’re just going to go into training mode and try out all the functions of disk controller see how will response to everything and if there’s any input lag or any dead zones on the analog sticks will give a thorough testing just to see if this program folder is actually worth buying but so far the A. buttons work in the analog 6 working as we go through these menus I’m definitely gonna have to pick my main I am a browser junior means so hate me all you want but I love my boy about 6 years. Let’s get everything set up and will give a good testing let’s go through all the basic controls left and right looks functional and if it’s a little bit off that is my apologies I’m trying to get my game captured by video footage lined up but I think it did a pretty good job downs working who presses up to jump in this game everybody was prices actual Y. with your abuser property because I could never do it the password in of the towns are going off we’re on the right side of town now select and then worked as well too I just like his up tight that’s when I feared once. Capture works home button works. Plus works. I don’t think minus does anything in this game if anybody knows let me know the chat it might just be slipped my mind but in the training manual it’s not doing much right analog stick is working of those attacks going right up left and down as we move over B. works as well to his location of Austin office press a. Lunch works jumping works X. and Y. there are some sensitivity things when the press jump the lighter you press the button the smaller you jump and the harder you press the button and the higher you jump so does seem to be functioning just swelled to hold down a to continuously do your melee attack hold on B. 2 charge after charge attack and everything seems to be working quite well says the run up to the Lucas right here right now grapple with our and then we get the L. shoulder but into grapples will too the on off to the left side shield works so the right trigger works let’s see if the left trigger works left truckers going as well to introduce a more extensive movement let’s do some dog trolls while the whole down one of the troopers were holding the right trigger and that Dodge roll looks like it’s working quite fine so let’s see if there’s any dead zones on the left analog stick I’m barely pressing a see that Bowser here is moving quite slowly that was more of a medium press the left side and then a person all the way this try to creep up on Lucas so there’s not much of a dead cell takes very minimal effort to move Balcer junior so that’s pretty good I don’t think there’s a like a lower crouch for down the left and right seem to be working quite well when it comes to barely pressing it in and I think you actually have to press up quite vigorously to get him to jump up so. That works nicely as well too so I’m going to be quiet for a few seconds and bring some button mashing and try to do some more complex movements and try to beat Lucas up just a little bit more I’ll be back in a few seconds.
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