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My name’s just aspirin I work for H. O. skis I’m here today for marine products to talk to our brand new ski called the hover craft hovercraft is very unique it’s going to be a super fun skate or ride on it covers a lot of different aspects.
let me to tell you a little bit about it notices ski is it’s 10 inches wide so it really is really easy to get up on you’ll you you’ll say hit it you’ll get up your hair won’t even be wet so it’s a great scheme you also have to skate fast you can skate at 1418 miles an hour you can ski it short liner long line whatever you want to do the funny thing is is you don’t need a high performance ski boat to use this you can use a jet ski you can use it you can use a pontoon boat you can use it you can use a a wakeboard boat music just get a little bit longer line when you’re back there behind the the the wait a little bit but super fun Skeeter ride on just to have fun job in the wake the big guy can ride it easy to get up on you can teach kids to get up or ladies to get up it’s also a great option for not buying a pair combos because if you buy a pair double skis you gonna go to a single as quick as you can buy this to start with and now you don’t even have to transition from a pair of doubles into a single this is a super fun funky to ride your has got 3 fins this gives a great straight line stability and when you’re gonna ski like this at a slower speeds that’s a real key it also has a nice concave in the bottom just like a high end ski house this gives you a certain amount of performance to the good scare the gets on it that was delayed over the limit they can get some performance out of the scheme make it turned really fun it’s a great ski to ski in rough waters off the water’s not perfect you pull out a hovercraft with all those fans in a wider for body it’s gonna cut cut through that shop a little bit better.
No matter whether you have a like I said a jet ski a pontoon boat a high and surf boat you can ski the hovercraft behind anything and have a ton of fun you can always find the hovercraft by HL at marine –



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