COR Surf Dry Bag Backpack

Hey guys this is Anya with core surf here to show you the differences between our 25-liter pack and R. 40 leader back. So you can see it comes in 3 different colors we actually have our brand new color in black this is the 25 leader you can see this one’s a little bit smaller but it’ll still hold some serious gear so all the backpacks both the 25 leader and the 40 leaders still have interior padded laptop sleeve the difference with the 25-liter pack is it just has a chest strap since it’s not carrying such heavy loads.
So this is the more for a day trip or packing your wetsuit few different accessories down to the beach for the day where is the 40 later this wall some serious gear if you’re going on a multi-day trip and then you know this is the one you’re definitely gonna want to get both of them have side pockets by the 40 liter pack has much deeper pockets for a hydro flask so the 40 leader actually has 2 straps since this is built to handle heavier gear got a chest strap and waist strap. This is the new 2019 third edition Corser waterproof dry bag backpack we have both the 40 leader and the 25 leader and they are fully waterproof fully submersible.





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