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Hey, guys welcome back to Xander dreams where we discuss everything business and entrepreneurship. So as I’m sure all of you know by now that to start a business you need to do some extensive research on the topic, that you’re interested in do you want to be able to offer something your competitors aren’t offering and it could be better customer service or a cheaper but still effective version of a popular product starting a skincare line he is going to be a challenge, because this is an over-saturated industry and if you want to be competitive a good idea would be to think of a niece to target? To get a share of the saturated market you need to know your customers to determine who you want as a customer, and find out what appeals to them this will help you develop successful skin care products started asking her business journals and this is how I did it I sent my website using WordPress, and then I got my supplies together from my tiny spinster miss boxes containers my skincare.
Now it’s time to begin formulating because I want to make a face and once I got the perfect formula, it was time to begin testing myself or my family and my friends before getting it sent off enough to get tested another important thing is to know the trends in the market, it’s really important to keep up to date on the beauty industry and skin care market trends as someone interested in skin care. I’m sure you’ve heard of hyaluronic acid retinol just to mention a few and these are ingredients that are very popular in the current market, and consumers are looking to buy any products with these ingredients in it so make sure that you are incorporating the latest trends of the market place into your product line. Before creating a skin care product line you obviously need to know what trouble areas you are going to target is it ask me dry skin oily skin, and to come up with a decision you need to do extensive research on the skin care products that you want to offer are you looking to offer a product that protects from sun damage, or a product that will help with anti aging is it a full line or is it just one product sometimes it’s even our products that you have come up with yourself you know some people are just so much into skin care, that they try to make little concoctions that end up helping them in the end and you know sometimes you want to share that product to some people and you also get some point in the process. I mean heck you could even build $1000000 empire from just that concoction along maybe, it’s a special ingredients that makes your product stand out and that is what helps you against the competition or press at already existing, but before you get started and sell that product you obviously have to do some research on that ingredient and make sure that it is a stable and C. formula, so you can’t just tested out on yourself this is a very vital step that you cannot skip because you don’t want to deal with lawsuits down the road.
Here’s how it works the first thing I use is Shea butter mountain course of bass 0 percent wholegrain oats I got these 2 different shapes of malls. I also use vanilla essential oil. And this double boiler answer answer mark and Connie this quietly start pulling some water, and I take this able to base out and I start to cut it up I could up into smaller pieces just so that it melts easier and then once I’m done cutting it up. I start the double boiling process this helps to maintain a new transfer healing properties of the products using as opposed to sitting in the park one for a couple of the separated them up and then, I put them into the midst of bass and also added about 30 drops of vanilla essential oil and 2 teaspoons of honey and I start that can I get ready to start pouring soap into the mold. I listed for couple hours pop them out and then you have your resume if you have an original skin care formula make sure that you protect your intellectual property, and safeguard your products these are just some of the sensual things that you need to do to get started on your business of course, there’s so much more that goes into it and I cannot tell you everything in this video because I’ve never had a skin care line, but the main thing here is to do your research and then I bought the ingredients that you’re interested, or just know the basics of the product that you are interested in offering.
If you are interested in offering let’s see maybe sun screen protector you just make sure that you learn about products and already existing, and learn about the specific ingredients in it and how they have an impact on skin or just general knowledge on what exactly the product does. All right so I hope this video was helpful in some way to you guys if you need more insight on starting a skincare line Dan just make sure to do your research, and get some knowledge on what you’re interested in there’s no short cart into starting a successful business. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys next time.

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