OMN1S High Phantom Black


Hey how’s it going. Today I am reviewing some black on this hi I knew about.
The ticket price $140 but these are no longer sold on the new balance website you might have seen my previous review of the on this. If you have it you should definitely give it a glance if you’re looking to buy new balance basketball sneakers. At times it might feel like you are too high off the ground the soul feels a bit too. The shoes on the heavier side given that it is a high top shoes you’re going to get the extra weight from the materials used to create extra. More on this hi I provide quality ankles. Other hoopers I’ve spoken to can relate they mean these and the chi res are among the fashion it had when it comes to getting support. The laces are strong and I haven’t seen any signs of. With the laces or where they’re strong. The fuel cells Seoul is consistent with the on this loan. Quality shock absorbent. With the ominous lows you can feel your feet shape within the issue when you’re moving quickly the ominous highs really lock your feet to your shoes preventing any unwanted shoe displacement soul tends to lose grip fairly quickly so make sure to slide your sweaty hands down the bottom of the shoes off.
Overall the either solve the issue I’m a big fan of new balance and I will continue buying. I’ve been assigned to the W. X. Y. so if I cut those are definitely be dropping another review video. Stay tuned.
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