If you want a one-of-a-kind wallet, check it out….the thinnest wallet.

I have this thing right here for cut while a couple weeks ago it haunted me everywhere. I went there were ads for this little tiny wallet I have long been looking for a way to slim down my wallet, and this looks pretty good it’s the bell Roy card sleeve it’s also a wallet has 3 compartments one site has credit cards and like my clipper card, and stuff like that the other I put cash and or receipts and and then you can pull up this little tab, and get stuff like this plus it needed like a driver’s license insurance cards stuff like that I’ve been using this for about 2 months, and I switched from a larger dodo case the thing that holds my phone in my keys in my.

I have my phone my credit cards and all that stuff at one time I really like this thing is very very small, it’s very thin he got my back pocket or my front pocket it doesn’t take up too much space and it’s held up okay, this leaves have gotten the cards we’ve got a little pouch she out around the edges, it’s very soft which is kinda you’d expect with soft leather, but it holds everything that I need and it’ll for the front of my jeans off in the back my jeans it was 55 Bucks which is kind of a lot for a wallet the size. I think but it’s aged pretty well so far and and I’m to keep using, and see how I like it so that’s it the ball were card sleeve, it’s a wallet yet for 55 Bucks they put ads on literally every website in the internet and it’s the thinnest wallet.

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