Monyhigh Wireless Earbuds Review

These bluetooth earphones are really small! Both the shiny charger/holder and the earpieces themselves take up very little space. They are perfect for everyday use, fit easily in that tiny pocket of your jeans and sound pretty good, certainly for their price.

Here is a list of pros and cons from my use over the past few days:

Good Stuff
  • They are small
  • They are black.
  • The supplied package include three different sizes of silicon tips, which means they fit better than those well known fruit-based equivalents
  • They sound great. When properly fitted their sound is full with good bass response along with clear trebles.
  • The devices emit a simple but clear and distinctive ‘blip’ sound each time you touch the sensor button, telling you that you did. This is well-received.
  • The control surfaces are sensitive and responsive.
  • Bluetooth connection is VERY rapid, connecting almost immediately the earpieces are removed from the charger.
Not So Good Stuff
  • They are small and slippery. Both the charge case and the earpieces have the unique ability to slip out of fingers! It would be better if the finish on all three items were a matt finish. Scratches would be less likely and the devices would be less slippery.
  • They don’t work so well with ear-defenders or motorcycle helmets. I’d recommend earpieces with hooks if this is what you need.
  • The charger doesn’t have a gauge to tell you how much is left on the battery of the earpieces, meaning you only know your earpieces are going to die when they tell you so. That said, having one would make the charger larger.
  • The bluetooth reception distance is only adequate. Fine for everyday use, but not really good enough if you need to listen to a device from further than 5m away.
  • The earpiece batteries lasted for no more than 6 hours of constant use during one day. The charger battery reached one LED out of four after 18 hours.
  • The USB-C port should be able to give charge as well as receive it, in this day and age.
  • These earpieces do not allow multi-point bluetooth, which is a shame.
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