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Okay, so how many if you watch the top run its TV in absolute, or yeah they just glide over the ground to make it look nothing short of effortless, some may say they have the perfect run full but what makes this a perfect so effortless or so easy once a day Henri tackling Jess that and exploring what we mean by the perfect run fills. Well getting out the door I’m going for a run is a fairly straightforward affair fact the simplicity of just walking your running shoes on and casting out, there is what makes running a tale to say many of us that are said to be able to run away some run full well that’s not quite as easy it might sound, because all unique running mechanics are all dependent on things like our strength of flexibility.
I will say how our bodies are built up so that everyone has a different run for both men leave the goal is to run with as little effort as we can muster as efficiently as possible and crucially without getting injured so, in other words, the better all-round full the easier it’s going to fail and this path it runs from the I keep referring to catch me breaking down into a few key areas instead. I’m gonna start with all upper body posture. We might be listening to this now and thinking what’s unofficially on about football the poster for running running comes from the lakes well, you will be forgiven for thinking that but the truth of the matter is actually perfect run foreman technique should start from the top down, so much you gonna stop by talking about all along this is really key taught technique in full we want to make sure that you’re looking ahead towards the horizon. I actually stop by saying try to look around 20 minutes or so ahead of you robin even looking down at the ground in front of you all up above, so you think about not pushing ahead to fall foliage want to make sure the is a nicely in line with your shoulders, and that leads me on trying to stay loose and relaxed with your shoulders all too often we end up tensing up even shrugging our shoulders up, and that’s going to cost us away some very valuable energy now, I definitely full file to this very often particularly as I get tied in a tactic the only villain is actually just to relax Ahram’s down shake them trying to shoulders, and arms relax I’m trying to bring those on stuck in and help you with that that’s a nice relaxed show, this to him by the arms is actually off difficult in that crucial in helping to propel all body forward in fact the way that we move our arms can either make us faster, or it can slow us down and now we want to make sure that all elbows and nice and close to all sides not squeezing a side should be fairly relaxed who’s 0.5 off sums up, for its profit across or down or something like that and imagine and the line down the middle of a body and a hand doesn’t cross that line not talking about all kinds again, this and heard this often fickle sin but you really don’t fall into the trap of tensing, those hands up particularly during the holiday filling you in the middle of a race, or class says state is waste more of that valuable energy and maybe even increased tension in the body or the office.
But I’m moving on to the next key area and this is all Paul street and now a new too often heard phrase is run total running tool, but what does this actually mean well for many of us we spend my spot they sent down the the dance got the wheel of a car past me for that okay, so either on the safer they’re gonna serve what is why we do that unfortunately this can leave us with a fairly rounded shoulders and flexed hips which can transfer over into our running full, because by sitting in this position ends up with fairly tight hip flexors which is then going to inhibit our ability to activate it please and over time that’s going to weaken this case because we know activating them obviously, this is not ideal and Senegal gonna work full are running and improving all run full now something all I’ve always worked on with my running form and their way of countering, this it’s imagined online attached to some so poorly this up in the sky somewhere and that’s pulling me up for it from my chest, and that is then going to open up my hips no not night there was a simple truth. I found what really well to kickstart back good portion I do a few times tried to a hard run session. I think about standing tool friends on hips always facing forwards to the horizon and then rise up on to the polls on my feet, and then start to grants me full force while focusing on maintaining the proper posture as I ran through the stride a good pace.
Well my last role that she leaves me very nicely on to our next big key area and this is a landing mechanics now, without last drill we are very much utilizing gravity is we started to fool fool it’s been nice progression of thought is the pose running method now, this is essentially saying we’re trying to align our shoulders hips knees and toes all together and this time we’re on one leg, and when they went terribly balancing on one to pull off the 4 we 4 Ford fusion that gravity and then alternating as we go from like to like in this actually a method, that’s used by a lot of top level elite runners how the foot lands is a huge topic for debate forefoot midfoot all hail strike well, we tend to advise against hill striking given that can increase the amount of force and impact up through that live cattle so crap if the braking force particularly, if the foot is landing out in front of us and let’s not forget it can increase up contact time on the ground given the middle to roll through the entire first, rather than mid fiscal full foot which is a lot quicker in terms of contact time that being said we do see old time serve in the elite running field hill foot midfoot forefoot, but one thing that is similar and it’s consistent across all of them is where that foot lands will see all of them with the foot landing on the the center of gravity which is going to enable, that momentum carrying forth which again is very similar and aligns very nicely with the pose running method for them okay perfect run form is a combination of good posture aligns in a linear fashion from head to the polls of office, and I see a nice company Q. speed to take away and use force you’re out running is to think about running tool and the use of gravity, and that’s going to really help you out and then some guy which I’ve been mentioning over now if we can share in this video, and it’s not city the world class athletes that can only aspire to having perfect room full hopefully you got. I was out there I can see if you have enjoyed today’s media head out themselves Watson. I’m a fiat Seymour from G. 10 you can click on the Clive and subscribe if you’d like to see off hello training video you can see that by taking just down here, if you’d like to see all 10 K. Hoff marathon video can see that okay just.

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