The Only 3 Exercises You NEED to Run Faster

What if as a run up there were only 3 exercises you could ever do a game to help you run strong run injury free puzzle does a really interesting idea interesting question, and something we take a closer look at right now so let’s get into it okay so of course there are hundreds of different exercises if not thousands of different exercise, you could be doing under different weaklings that we each have as runners which lead to different types of injury history makes sense, that’s what we see amongst runners we also see a lot of common patterns. I’m a full 2 months of this we can break down using those patterns into 3 different areas, and pick 3 exercises to look at those areas to begin with general strength so we know we need to do a string for accords your hamstrings through our goods to our cars in particular.
we’ve been got single leg balance and stability so we need to do something to address the fact that we’re always landing loading a one foot needs, we have to stabilize and control we also need to work on cars conditioning ankle stiffness and there are so many injuries pasta shots his Achilles tendinopathy is shin splints calf strains, just to name a few which come from poor conditioning most of the things off the car from the legs to pick something to address answer, let’s start out with general strengthening. I don’t really like a split squats our goal is split squads static lines what do you want to call it but in this position, we need to firstly think about position of the pelvis so we’re not just gonna want you back in shift forward into a lunge here instead of wanting to join but Abbas in Swiss you bought them from here who is from down one kind of movements. Some straight down from the hits of the bottom here your push through your heels and come back up to the top. As you come down into the movement you feel a stretch down the top of the front of the rear thought through, those points of hip flexes specially to talk through that and as you start working through 3 sets of 15 hole on each side you feel view of course, includes in particular will be working hard in the front legs now with this is important we controlled position of the name of the front like so as you come down into the movements may show me, his pointing forwards over the second sorry Lola manager thing in flaring outs to to hold on to something to start a war. I sense it is fine and if you make a hold of yourself grab a couple dumbbells couple dumbbells or any white will add a bit of external resistance, you have to work hard to push against on the way back up but only to launch a lot more challenging now when it comes to single control single instability we could do things on a single leg squats single leg deadlift, but I really like the challenge that comes from a run as arabesque sorry you should consult on the stand on one leg.
Starting flags on the side squeezing the bus on the standing right. From here in response with this like he, my bank straight. As I reach for the arms looking comes parallel here we come back to squeeze a bottle drive in the store. Slow and controlled. I don’t know my way down. Are still in the standing leg lengthening through my hamstrings before lunchtime string stretches those muscles work C. century Klay controls the force movements of the torso the way to the tools are going forward about retention conditioning now. It’s important with this slow and controlled is the order of the day, so don’t rush it folks in the balance all the movements in the control of the movements you feel how you having to work hard around the hips through those groups to control the single leg starts now, it may be do you count to 3 sets of 15 right from the office bring them down to 55 phones with a break in between folks in good form every time some control over time, those funds will become aids will become swells will become fifteens all about princess now the third exercise.
I wanted to choose was all about Thomas and and close building habit of conditioning under the stiffness into the whole region. I’m the best wide very simply to do that is with some light plyometric work some work using our skipping ropes, and jumping right now little and often is the best for this so far sense of 20 seconds order for whole 5 times per week basis is plenty with this, it’s all about politics with this 1 computer bombs coming through the articles, and everything else stays fairly rigid sewing gauge coal keep your feet together who needs to get a. I’m focused on the control now. From here we are simply working for 20 seconds just feeling the bounce coming from the ankles now with that it doesn’t matter with your full, so striking run out or he’ll strike you run a striking run-heavy team between ankle stiffness is benefit all runners and if you want to find out how to improve your foot strike, in general, an intruder running form from the ground up was checking out the video runs over here to help you do exactly, that no can you hear don’t forget to subscribe for more videos help you run strong running 3 free, and I’ll see you very soon in the next video find out.

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