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So since the switch came out in 2017 people have pretty much been searching for joy con alternatives to what Nintendo shipped with the system the stock joy con controllers whether it’s the button layout the stick placement the overall ergonomics for the joy cons themselves people have been turning to third parties and there have been some pretty good 1 so far to try to solve the issue around maybe the clog grip or anything like those hoary joy cons they came out they were demon X. mocking it seemed at first people really like those but there was 1 issue I had with that it was really how limited the functionality was they took a lot of things away from that set of joy con controllers to make it work at the price that it was set at but there is 1 set of joy con controllers it’s been not going around a bit recently and I looked at them in December they weren’t in stock but now going in January to 2021 they came back into stock on Amazon so today I thought we would take a look at a set of joy cons the people keep asking me about keep asked me to check out and that is from been Bach at least that’s how I think you pronounce it but we’re gonna do here is I guess will open these up on box then I’ll give you guys some my first impressions on these controllers so we got to enjoy the video makes you like it down below and subscribe if you’re new here to this fall made channel and as usual I will leave a link to these joy con controllers down in the scripture below starting off the front of the box is pretty simplistic looking we could see it just says bin box right here this is born to game or red accent at the top here otherwise it’s a pretty clean there’s not a lot going on here on either side they’re either on the back we have a fairly small drawing of the joy cons themselves on either side there all right an opening this up you’re greeted immediately with the joy con controls and the this is pretty large actually like just first impressions right away this is in the grip that also comes with here it’s pretty sizeable that’s what I mean good right away for anyone who wasn’t a fan of just how small the stock joy comptroller’s are this is a good first sign here we see. See it so like if I take this joy con here I mean you can see just the size difference when you put that in front of it wow a lot of stuff to go over okay so turbo functionality there are LED indicator there’s a button assignment on the back so you do have like a macro button back there you can change the level of vibration so it does have rumble which is something we did not have it does worry controllers and then we also have an RGB light around the analog stick that’s also customizable yeah there’s a lot going on here with these joy con controllers and really at the price it’s a bit surprising how much we have here in these instructions I mean this is 4999 it’s on Amazon it’s prime ships so already just all this functionality it’s a bit surprising for that kind of price all right so I’ll just drop this out there there is a U. S. B. C. cable here type a I assume that’s just for charging there is not a charge for on the top here there is so this is something I’ve seen a couple of times I’m not a huge fan of it and that is that each joy con controller on each side has its own charge port here and here and they leave them exposed so there’s no cap over it a lot of times up it was like a piece of plastic that maybe opens and swivels out or something that way you like dust or liquid or something won’t get in there if you just cap it I just doesn’t look as good here it’s it’s quite obvious than where it will plug in in charge and it is a bit surprising they don’t just have 1 charge port on the top here these maybe just slide in and you charge it that way because I mean really look at you only have 1 cable that comes with it so you’d have to find another 1 or just take turns charging each 1 you know what I do like kind of the the all black look here just like this nice matte black all blacked out the the plastic itself I mean it feels a bit cheaper doesn’t have kind of that that rubberized coating that we have with the stock joy con controllers so yeah this feels kind of like cheaper plastic on the top here and then on the back it does at least have kind of a texture for for grip which it works it’s still. All smooth plastic so it’s not like great I think this was more of a a rubberized finish on the back here while leaving this as kind of a smooth matte finish here I think would work better just for overall great now everything on the front looks pretty straight forward we do have actual thumb sticks here so not like the smaller thumb sticks that we have with the joy cons these would be ones that would be on something like an Xbox one controller or the switch pro controller think of those so very good at distance for travel all the way around there the ergonomics and the grip is very very good I mean you can just see how how far down this actually curves so you get a very good handle on this year and it’s not like with like the standard joy con I mean look at that thing look how different that is you have a pretty good spot here for your palm to kind of wrap around and while the front looks pretty straight forward with all the buttons you would expect here on the back there is quite a bit happening here we have some macro buttons and as you can see when you are holding onto it fits pretty well there but we also have 2 other buttons here on the back so we have what appears to be a memory button that would then work with this they also have a turbo button so you will have turbo functionality with any of the face buttons here now you slide off just like a regular joint cut and they do have functionality yeah as wireless controllers unlike the demon X. mocking of the war controllers these will actually work wirelessly they also have rumble bill 10 which is great so you have that but it is missing the ability for IR sensor on the bottom and it does not work with your amiibo starts actually put these on the switch and play around with them a little bit you know what this this looks pretty good like if you just kind of look at the switch with these attached it looks like it actually belongs on the switch I mean the switch itself of course is like like this grayish color so it all blends in really really well here I there is a slight lip right here where it’s at so it’s not completely flush and I’m a bottom good luck it is not flush it all right there but they were going for the. Overall grip and I guess just the size of these controllers there’s not a lot you can do you know real quick let’s just check this with the dock here as well make sure it fits because this is I feel like that’s going to cut it kind of close. Okay at the it does fit in there it is I mean it’s it’s tight it’s not moving much so those those pieces on the back there I mean they run right up against where that doc is but it does work technically you don’t have to remove these to sit in the dock so that’s nice okay so now that I have them on the switch the switch is on well let’s try the feature that’s prominently displayed on their Amazon page now has to do with RGB lighting that’s right these joy con controllers as just like an extra feature I mean you put RGB and something is not going to get worse you do you expect to make it better right just because the look of it and the customisation options all this right around the joystick you do have these rings that are RGB lit so we should be able to play around with those using the T. button on the back here and then you click in which ever stick you want to change whether it’s going to more of a breathing animation for like motion or if you just wanna have a solid color you can cycle through those as well so here we go by holding down the T. button on the back and kind of just clicking this end I’m changing between different colors I don’t know how well that showing up on the camera there it’s I think it’s medium brightness right now but there’s like green let’s see if we can go through there is like a nice blue right there we have looks like more of a purple thing a leave it on that there they do say it has like different animations actually for breathing so let’s see what if I double click it there that should change generation too you can see it’s more breathing right there so it’s kind of fading in and out and then it says it also has like rainbow colors that will come on if you want so like this here is you can see the different colors kind of circling around there are different things you can do different patterns I and I don’t think it’s the easiest thing to necessarily change around it also turned off but the I guess the idea is you’re going to find something you like and you’re probably just gonna leave it that way these to act independently so you can have the left RGB light different from the right one you also the ability to change vibration sensitivity so once again by pressing down T. you can press. Up and down on this right stick or let’s stick and I can’t feel the vibration getting stronger or a pressing down getting weaker actually so there’s yeah there’s even customisation around how serious it’ll vibrate the macro button on the back here is pretty straightforward it’s as you press M. he then press the button you want and then memory button back here and now you just kind of present and it will jump around for you that’s a good spot for 2 I guess 7 you’re kind of holding it here in the way they have it set up you will just kind of be able to just press without an issue you don’t have to say at $50 all the functionality we just went through and checked out here with these in the extra ergonomics all this is pretty good but there are some drawbacks here with these joy con controllers the biggest one I’ve seen so far according to their own site is the battery life of 3 to 4:00 hours for each one of these joy con controllers about an hour to an hour point 5 to charge so coming from something like the standard joy con controller that can get you up to 20 hours yeah it’s a pretty big drop off I’ll have to use it more and then see how the overall batteries holed up in the store controllers I’m also curious if maybe they’ll drain slower or not at all when being used in handheld mode here as opposed to wireless mode with the grip but it does appear that it’s more or less making just a wired controller connection when sitting like this so you still might have to charge them I kinda separately even when it’s like in handheld mode I don’t know if it’s necessarily even accepting power from the switch right now now the other drawback is the D. pad the pad is not good. You can push directly down the middle and there is no payment at all yeah it is not great kinda mushy feeling unfortunately this would be on like the lower and FOR D. pads and it is a shame because otherwise yeah there’s a lot of good going on with these 2 I control is actually set to kick button to this macro on stopovers the world by the way so jump kicks I mean it’s just a breeze so I went ahead and removed it from the switch these 2 joy con controllers now wireless and I dropped in the great because when we first saw the grip was pretty sizeable I mean this is this is certainly a controller that would work well like this in the grip for anyone who has larger hands or has not been comfortable with like the joy con controllers because they are like I said a bit smaller it might be a little harder for you to hold especially at the bottom people talk about cramping up all of this but looking at this now and holding it this is pretty solid I mean really looking all the way around it there is quite a bit of control here to grab and hold on to it fits very very well like I said the biggest issue I have is this deep but if yours mostly using the sticks for different games I mean this is pretty good and it the rumble itself isn’t very intense you have the highest setting and it’s kinda white most likely those motors are pretty small I I would figure inside but we’re gonna find out soon we open it up but yeah this ergonomically it might be one of the bet you don’t this might actually be the best joy con set I’ve seen if you just go by ergonomics and for any of you were wondering about Giro I did fire up crisis remaster right here and we can just do a quick test in wireless mode here yes it does work as expected and finally the last test I want to do it very quickly before it opened one of these up is to see if it can wake the switch up from sleep mode that something we struggle with early on in the switch is life and the like after the first year most third party controllers would wake up out of sleep mode so I have it here in sleep mode here is the joy con that we were just using pressing the home button down on the green light comes on so this I. I guess just acts in the Penlee basically when this comes on the light will the RGB light will come on as well and I do not see the switch waking up. So that one’s one I want to just drop that want to just do it with a blue light comes on there but yeah we do not have any action from the switch so let me go I had to just turn us on out of sleep mode manually there the power button and this just sink right up and. This one sent up so. Unfortunately it does not appear to be able to wake up from sleep that that is kind of a shame but anyway let’s go ahead and open up the left one with the D. pad because I’m I’m kind of curious what’s going on with that I just the deep that doesn’t feel great so I I want to see exactly what’s going on here so we have 4 Philips head screws here hold on the back on we can lift that away it looks like Z. L. and the and the macro button go with it and here we are with our board that these are the buttons for the turbo and the memory button there I’m kind of looking around now to see where the rumble motor is here’s our large battery right here that’s kind of take up a good chunk of it like that this should be a 500 ML amp hour battery looks like our joystick is on its own board and most likely the reasoning for this if we take this off this is joystick in general it’s pretty straightforward we seen these and several third party controllers has tension somewhere I would say to the Xbox one joystick but looking at this we have 4 different LEDs around here RG beasts they can change and all different types of colors and that’s how we get the different affects the breathing the the rainbow looking colors around that’s most likely why they have it on a separate board here so they can kind of manage them a bit better they have tactile buttons all over the place here looks like we have our our memory our turbo a reset button so if the controller goes haywire you can reset it and then we also have our little macro button on the back here the battery is a plug in battery and then we also have one other cable running down underneath and I’m thinking that’s gonna be our run the motor and as expected there’s a room motor inn is a fairly small one it’s not like one of the larger role motors that you may have been something like like an Xbox controller a PlayStation 4 controller now this is a smaller one something you’d find I would say more so in like a cell phone which actually explains why the run the motor itself even at its highest setting wasn’t very intense or violent it’s just it’s using a lower power. Or smaller one it also is like the place the antenna Kerr right here on the inside of where the joystick is which is an interesting position a lot of times you’ll see them try to put it closer to the top here I guess there would be too much interference right here because there’s a plastic on the other side of it is just that an odd position for it and then finally we have R. D. pad and this is interesting so I don’t really know what to make of this one we have a typical spike in the middle here but I I felt like something was off about this debate and they have like these plastic stickers here I think the idea is to try to raise up each point by stacking these but like these just look like like pot like covers that you would put over screw holes kinda tough hide them like they’re they’re little just stickers they just put stickers over the spaces that is bizarre I never spike you’re in the middle that would typically act as like a pivot it even that’s not super high up compared everything else I don’t they were just raising this up it seems very weird to do that because then it has those kind of go up above where the spike is I always wonder if I remove these if it’ll actually make the DepEd function a bit better with more of a pivot or if it just won’t actually like press anymore correctly I mean these are this is certainly a. The an interesting method for them to try to fix that problem but I’m curious I’m gonna move these and see what happens so this is really funny after removing those stickers I have like a pit in the middle now also like the the center part what crash into the bottom of the board before all the points do so it feels like more of a D. pad rather than one big button on it I mean it’s I don’t really know what they were doing with the stickers my team member for our press down here in the middle and and the whole thing would just presses one big button now there’s an actual pivot point where we heard moves around so yet no clue what that was all about still not amazing or anything but it’s certainly better than it was almost advertising and lays down that’s good to hear for the bin Bach joy con controllers you know what at $50 from a third party this is pretty good all surprised really I mean there are some downsides as we mentioned like the below average D. pad the rather cheap plastic I’ll say on the front here and the covered charge ports that are in a strange place on the joy cons themselves but the functionality of these compared to something like the hoary controllers the joy cons much better here I mean this is wireless immediately that’s a that’s a big advantage over those rumble bill tenet has all the other features such as turbo macro buttons and RGB lighting because you know why not but let me know what you guys think about these if you did pick these up let me know what your experiences with it so far thanks guys watching and I’ll see you next time.

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