Saucony Guide 15 Review – Best Stability Running Shoe 2022

It is this video we are doing a performance review thanks to the second guy 50. Plays out everybody and is welcome to fully runs and stability issue heights Q. yet we’re back talking stupid issues in this video now wanted to come back with pull back on this awesome share, I know I get excited by shows but this one is an absolute winner. So it’s not out of the 50 miles in the shoe now and I wanted to come back to Ripoll let you know how we get on with it, this is gonna be one of the best debate issues of 2022 I can’t see many babies in it. The tempos from sucking in Osaka contender both very very good shows but there’s something about the show, there are really like okay first is 2 cups that’s 0 for it created I mean 12 new offer on it we got these are tapping things here that help with the midfoot lockdown we got a hold of tech he on the medial side which stops your phone in power amid sell no parent paid it out to go in the Tempest power, I mean so which is fun but it’s not overly fantasies previous versions Cocker don’t gusty Tong 8 wives you can on how features such as Boeing and. 10.3 ounces. At a reasonable cells thing for Saucony shoes in mind, that’s probably the biggest down for the moment is there outsells all very good but it’s not high on this one the issue could be the best debate issue 2022, so I’m in on between this and the Tempest because I do so different things.

But what’s great about the shoes is you can do everything in it and a set I could show you we are sort of the speediest sessions that you might be doing in the recovery miles in it you can do the whole weeks rotation in the show electric can. Having into having pretty well. It is I thought the phone all right and what you might be yours too but I don’t mind that necessarily instability issue, I’m looking at some of the is a stable platform underneath my feet on my foot I know many things too mushy and this is quite you got the whole I. the frame which you know does help in terms steering you from collapsing in breathable out PA 6 cry there’s nothing too much around the midfoot, there’s no all of not practical junk thrown in the shoes pretty by seeking terms of what shall I do for this ability saw things but it does give you played your feedback when you’re out there on your runs overall 100 surpassing, you can get it cheaper now. I do think you’re going to struggle to find the best ability shows for sort of short to medium distance here the tempus, I think will take over if you don’t know is only around the spot as it daily trying if a stupid issue where is this is playing an accident has been, now the army’s down Salah said before is the out selling the shares is not particular Crichton greasy situations if you run along routes far down the canal type products, but on those roads with a little bit what you’ll be damned that sells all right and is the sign for most commissioners including the endorphin on but that’s probably the only slow down, so I can see other issues other than that so slight firmness verses are the shoes out there but this is better than our all Hey this is bad enough phone god. This is much better than a caught on now is just it just feels more alive, I think he looks back office dollars let me know the comes if you agree I think it’s much better than any of the other stipulations out there and I went on appears in the all the power box is built well is held out well, yeah, it’s got some discoloration on the and the financial crisis where every day is absolutely fine he’s doing brilliantly MRI Taschen, I’m loving the show on grabbing it more after the shore Mazda 5 game of golf day at Dyrham topple running coach session in the evening, I’m putting this on for one of our sessions were ripping the morning all often around whichever way. With 30 sorry I call completely sure enough, I think if you are looking for stability shoe 2020 too. Check out the guy 15.

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