Car Charger AINOPE USB C Car Charger 36W FULL REVIEW


Car Charger, AINOPE Smallest 4.8A All Metal USB Car Charger Fast Charge Car Charger Adapter Flush Fit Compatible with iPhone 13/12/11 pro/XR/x/7/6s, iPad Air 2/Mini 3, Samsung Note 9/S10/S9/S8-Black
Car Charger, AINOPE Smallest 4.8A All Metal USB Car Charger Fast Charge Car Charger Adapter Flush Fit Compatible with iPhone 13/12/11 pro/XR/x/7/6s, iPad Air 2/Mini 3, Samsung Note 9/S10/S9/S8-Black

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Hey guys welcome to the school of 18 in these records for sure yeah here’s the thing and it’s only $10 but very high powered up to suit the 6 lance they are claiming so the question is this really possible I mean we know the traditional charges in the cold they have usually to Ms 10 vets but this 1 is supposed to have a suit the 6 vets and it’s so small it’s almost invisible so isn’t really working that been behold it in our hands we can definitely say it’s a studio and has nothing to do with these old style cheap plastic thing these real metal heat very sturdy and you can probably expect quite some lifetime out of it we have these PDP have quick charge 3.0 which you’re going to test it these these power meter yes the box by the way there’s not much on it maybe the mobile number type something like that we get also these call out here for 247 support they have even that bit page 3 importance to no good thing I mean which Cork short should does have support and website than he is the instructions manual if you need that to mean that some drunken science but the most important thing is of course to test these here and show you if these things can really deliver 36 well that’s a good thing it’s too much power for your call and yet you don’t have to be worried I mean usually the minimum for your call. East 10:00 AM sets 12 wheels that makes 120 vets most of course have even one of them 80 right so 36 is not so much I mean the input is a little bit more than this one but the loss is not so much maybe makes 0 will pool the 40 bats or so I haven’t tested that but it’s probably not more so let’s plug it in here and see what we can get to these these tool outputs here sub login here that’s the PDF mean actually U. S. B. C..E. X. P. D. so we are going to that test the PD here let’s see what we can do and it already confirms. The maximum 12 rules so you can have 5 fold 9 rules would 12 volts output exactly as they have been S. stating in the listing and in the instructions maximum is 12 rules at 1.5 amps makes 18 vets and we have 2 outputs if the other 1 is delivering same thing so we have 36 right so it’s not delivering so he thinks rats these P. D. but on each port this is important to know you can also check these you can seat 12 rules it’s delivering the power high it it’s it’s it’s not possible but we have these powerful power on these 3 different voltages here we can check also for the food compatibility here so let’s run it here you can see the whole of the full compatibility Elise so at least the a law regarding same soon and you have a quick charge 2.03.0 hope you can see everything close to the previous year maximum here PDC point 018 that said you can see all the other things so maximum definitely is 12 volts that’s really nice so for so let’s switch to the US be a port FOR D. correct George so let’s see what we get here so it’s definitely much less compatibility but we can still see some 12 rules available here so let’s go also to the 3 go here and be able to see the quick charge 3.0 what’s capable to do let’s go higher we should be able to get 12 rule to conceive in me exceed 12 rules it’s not delivering anymore but 12 rules absolutely. No provable the it looks like it’s pretty stable here that I’m still a little bit of both yes so it doesn’t look too bad it’s definitely need looks like it’s delivering these power here yeah really good thing here so you cannot complain and this is how it looks I mean this is just this kind of. A good light to hear the pants on little beat the implementation you’ll call it how it looks but here in this case you can see this a nice gap here which you can use to pull it out so it’s really easy to push it in and pull it out you don’t need any kind of extra stuff so often you editions they have like a flapper so so they go even a little bit deeper inside but when they break off you don’t have anything to pull it out so that’s probably the a little bit more safe implementation and so from my side I would say yes definitely you’re good to go 2 by eighties thing looks really nice though that the it was saying good and they’ll put down the link to the Amazon listing of this product out into the description so I can check it out and ordered right from there if you would like it in the hope of being able to help you a little bit this this we do you have any questions or comments about the comments section below and will is happy to talk about these things in the elections yeah. Channeling.

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