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Turning to build muscle most people my lips are running slow weight loss very few than a look to running for getting a stronger building muscle but why is this whether these preconceptions come from well, I want to know as any truth behind their state today we’re gonna find out. Most of us associate building muscle strength training center heading to the gym and lifting weights why do we know associate running with strength training well I think has something to do with the fact that running is usually an aerobic activity and as a result, we’re betting cardinals calories and if you do have a good nutrition Kanya following thank you will lose weight from running but that has nothing to do with muscle at south say I’m going on so the question already running behind the build muscle but then why that’s not the end of the video is far more to it. The basic action of running of course requires your muscles to dominate those in your legs to be working if you put your muscles under new stress it will cause micro-trauma as tissue is damaged the muscle tissue will then grow and not see become bigger buses as long as you’re liable to the time to recover 3 west on the protein required for your site this is the magic formula to building muscle and getting stronger. All right there are few confusing points so we actually need to consider what the scales say I mean the scales tonight you heard that one before well that is true when it comes to actual weight but it isn’t necessarily true when it’s indicating whether we’ve gained muscle so it’s going to depend where you are you running Jenny on your body composition, but as you start to increase your running you could see the scales go done we could also see the scales go up this is one of the scales I know what a great way of showing your running progress when it comes to developing a strength all right you’re losing fat tissue you’re going to lose weight that’s only true.

If you’re not gaining muscle remember muscle is a tissue that’s more dense and not to she said it weighs more so really what you want to be looking at the circumference of your waist, so you’ll find some other measurement along side the scales another thing tonight when you’re starting to do more running your not surely gates name will fuel your body’s gonna want to Stormont glycogen so you can feel the muscles when you’re doing your money well when it’s storing more glycogen essentially was mostly gonna be storing more water at the same time, so that water retention is not gonna make the numbers on the scales go up even though it’s not really true representation of your weight. Not quickly delve a little deeper into the importance of building muscle as a run on here better to speak to a strength and conditioning coach who predominantly works with the Minnesota area. I spoke to Chris handy and I almost him what is the best way 4 minutes ago about building their strength well but not great it can you also my question 9 black white can you build muscle running. Yes social yeah. Where does not let it come to you and save you I know you’ve not kept the supporting running with Jim black but why do you need what why can’t we just build up muscle 3 running on it thank? Yeah I mean when it comes to building muscle you want to see make sure to kind of think about it right think about it the right way so not looking to increase the muscle mass with that with this type that you’re looking to increase the muscle thanks to the strength of an attendant to tissue quality service, and how to play just like us to do that we also need to be kind of training consistently throughout the week we want to pretty much be trainee consistently throughout your whole training program, just because you want to kind of keep your talk and keeping your point be training sucks for us to do that we need to kind of make sure that we have enough energy about it let’s see we need to make sure they were covering we note that following a nice progression with potentially the loads do throughout that week throughout that month credit programs just to allow the adaptation to occur so. For us to gain muscle yes he does have a training program we also need to be aware that you will consider you less out of their homes as well because without considering that recovery nutrition that you’re fueling etcetera, you just never going to see those adaptations as winds from you from your training right final question you talked about you know wanting to it to get the pay you want extra which is a kind of I think a big thing in the running wild that people need to be like that but like the one from grand that conflicted with that of the O. okay Jim.

I’m going to get heavy at how should they have what kind of exercise sure they look I’m what structure that all that training should they go to the gym for that I don’t think that have this problem hi Patrick day. Yes, so you’ll string 20 ratios if you’re always looking to improve that relationship so you know we just getting skinny is going to work because you could be weekend just getting stronger detention you gotta go the other way, so you want to make sure that we kind of finds out wonderful it will kind of window in the middle and everyone’s satisfied bodyguards going to respond differently to it. You sensually if you can get you into the gym working you into a strings program that’s 2 or 3 times a week you’re hitting some key to key fundamental movement patterns sorry to let good lower body exercises squats or deadlifts to going into a single leg strength exercise a consumer like squirrels cyclical ideal doing some full of glue or call for exercise working out a posterior chain, and some global bodywork as well if we can work through those but. What type of recipe are we heading for 5 key principle exercises a couple of times a week that’s. Addressing through that increase the intensity with rep sets whites. And I’m kind of changing things up every 4 to 6 weeks thanks a lot to the formula to view the following pretty much I 3 and you’ll start to see dice consistency and looking for a nice kind of strings again looking. I’m walking away from Brexit people look at within that yeah. Just to come to the movement so you know a lot by moving Sir right nice range of motion quality control 1050 wraps us in generic then as you kind of get more confident, we wanna start to kind of develop more strength wanna be able to come to produce more power so you wanna be working down those rate ranges C. working down instances fights I eat maybe even down to lower ranges and that. Read full sets that you’ll come across to be getting stronger, so you’re working more towards your body weight sorry good conspiracy 70 killers eventually because in the water you pour your clearing body white on the bottom plate you can hang around more what’s the killer we would want to run you to consider how many how many steps you take on a run you want to be able to move you want to be well and constantly, so body wise was a nice metrics can be working towards my mom all right I think I need to head back to the gym thanks a lot but it’s a Cemex raised. Even after hearing all about from crest just don’t convince the gym just isn’t for you but you do want to get stronger for your running then you’re going to need to look at how you structure your run program, and you’ll need to add in some shorter and harder wraps to complement their strength building yes doing injuries work is gonna be putting you stress on your body if you’re increasing that but it’s going to take much longer to build muscle at that much lower intensity filled the one option that pass that to getting stronger, as you’re working against gravity and you driving your body off the help that will require the larger power muscles of your goodies to really fire and then going downhill it’s going to get your quads eccentrically loading which is basically doing the same as a loaded squad Unitus printers all muscular than insurance based, this is in part due to the fact that spend more time in the gym lifting but also because printing develops requires more muscle type it goes hand in hand. We have a really down into which muscles are working on getting stronger from running.

Yes, I mention your glazing your cause but you’ve also got your hamstrings you cost or the large muscles in your legs and then he called I’ve been look those small muscles that just because I don’t visible they got me working hard to help with stabilize ation and making you more efficient with your running, but it doesn’t end up the legs you’ll cool plays a key part in money especially when you’re running harder you getting fatigued as in part of your breathing muscles but also part of keeping that really good posture and if you are doing some foster what you notice, that your arms were killed how to oversee that working all the time but they will get a bit stronger if you’re doing some sprint work but you probably won’t really notice the muscle development on off the body compared to your lower body, if your aim is to build muscle through running or even just to get stronger as a running again to need to make sure you stay on top of your coverage which includes your rest, and your nutrition making sure your body has enough carbohydrates and hydration before your training session is going to allow you to push yourself on what those muscle groups then on the other side you need to replenish post training this is where protein is important to help rebuild that muscle having a protein recovery drink or snack is useful especially, if you’re not able to get 1000000 for an hour or 2 posts run and then sleep well that’s the cherry on top your body doesn’t repair work while still sleeping so make sure you’re giving it enough time to rebuild those what muscle tissues and to get stronger. If you want to improve your running and get stronger than all the say it makes sense to head to the gym and lift some weights, hello I would suggest adding in some strength and conditioning even if your sole goal is to improve your running shoes off to rule getting stronger is ending on a positive thing. I’m going to do doesn’t mean you’re going to get back I think we’ve covered that by now so hastily, this is inspired you to go and do a little bit of extra work to help your running whatever your goal as well good luck with that give us a like, if you enjoyed it I remember we were such a meeting you can follow us at and you have it done, so I wanna subscribe here.

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