Big, ??? Joy-Cons Ergonomics Controller for Switch/Switch OLED

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There’s a ton of super innovative technology packed into a joy-con not so much this what I broke this what I think it’s safe to say that they’re over-engineered to all hell when was the last game where you felt HD rumble most of the reason that they’ve looked the way they do is that they need to be separated to play with 2 players the design choices that lead to this symmetry also took away from the switch is ergonomics in portable mode sure it feels fine to play like this but I could feel better and this is why people have been so interested in these big fat joy-cons recently. They do make playing in portable mode way more comfortable but there are a lot of options out there and they all offer a slightly different experience so I took this opportunity to try to find the best one to weed through all of the Amazon crap if you will. This video is sponsored by ExpressVPN. Yeah. I know just pretend like it’s the coffee shop. 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I got a whole bunch here I got ones that only work in portable mode I got one that you can detach and uses actual joy-cons I got was that year slot the switch into these are probably the most extra I got a lot of these off of Amazon if you haven’t seen by a knock-off joy-con video you should check that out but a lot of the same principles apply here there’s a lot of Ali express crap that just gets a new name slapped on the box and then re sold on Amazon I almost got duped into buying 2 of the same product because of that so essentially there’s knock offs and then there are knock-offs of those knockoffs but there’s only one that is officially licensed by Nintendo and we’ll start with those that are the whole reason split pad pro we’ve talked about the split pad pro a little bit over a year ago and back then there was only one design available it was made specifically to be played it with the game day when X. Makino remember that game. People really tried love that game but now they have all sorts of cool designs I’m particularly a fan of these P. could you want the design has a sort of satin sheen to it people love the split pad because of how good it feels on the switch it kind of makes it feel like you’re holding out switch pro it’s bigger and medir at the manly but it’s very plasticky the split pad is one of those that only works while attached to the switch you can not detach them to use as wireless joy con there’s no motion controls or rumble they’re really light and kind of just feel like a hollow shells honestly but it does sport a turbo button which we love to see and assignable back buttons the switch with the split pad on can also sit perfectly in a dock so you never have to take them off they also have this weird plastic bit protruding off the back for some reason for an officially licensed a budget option these are pretty great but they’re not really a budget option these people she wants or $60 you can get just the plain black ones for only $40 which is a lot better but for just $10 more than that you can get these puppies these bad boys these are conscious hop Konkin Mamas this is the bin Bakri joy con they’re almost exactly the same as the split pad in every single way the buttons feel the same and it even has the same reassigned will back buttons and turbo that activates in the same exact way that it does on the split pad they’re almost the same form factor just with a slightly smaller with the difference is that it has a really cool RGB light around the joy con wow so. I and you use them wirelessly and it has rumble and motion controls it comes with this thing that you can use them as a joy-con grip but that’ll probably get lost it’s not only would this be a good option for you used in portable mode but it could also be used as an additional controller if you’re playing docked with friends like the thumb sticks on here more than the split pad it’s also waiting here because there’s more stuff going on on the inside and because of that this non-license controller feels more premium than the Hori the only thing I don’t like is the D. pad what I’m kind of rolling my thumb around it feels like I’m jostling something around there it’s not great this one also passes the doc test. The RGB lights will eventually turn off after a while I’m not sure how long but it seems like a couple of minutes I don’t know how long it takes for these to turn off they sometimes turn up within a few minutes they sometimes stay on for an absurdly long time. The lights are slightly customizable you can hold the turbo button and click the stake in to change the color, unfortunately, the rainbow effect doesn’t move so I’m sorry to say can give you the true RGB gamer effect AFS oh wait I found it well below that cycles through it it’s. When I can’t how did you do it it’s very slow the cycle so it’s not like that cool these controllers feel pretty good in wireless mode too the motion controls work well they’re not gonna be as accurate as Nintendo’s motion technology but I would expect them to be it’s passable I could probably play through Mario galaxy with these and I have an issue they have USB C. ports on the bottom which scared me because I thought they might be used for charging but there just for firmware updates the controllers charge just fine on the switch. However, this wasn’t the case for Kevin can sit one of his refused to charge on his switch for some reason, and spawn wave had a weird sticker under his DepEd causing that to feel weird which brings me to my next point. These are pretty cheaply made a lot of these nonofficial controllers don’t have the same sort of quality assurance that Nintendo has so there’s gonna be a lot of manufacturing defects I happen to get a good one but you might not most of the time they’ll replace it without an issue if not the company then Amazon themselves would you just might go through a couple of returns to you get yourself a good one next we’ve got the literal knock-off of the split pad we have the tideland programmable controller for switch joy con joypad replacement for joy con switch remote for joy-con with rear programmable function terrible for switch controller. But you sat 2 programmable buttons on the back this is a good example of that wave of Ali express to Amazon dropshipping products these are $35 which is almost half the price of the split pad’s own MSRP which I’m sure was the biggest selling point at one time but for just $5 more you can get the generic black split pad maybe if you want that extra programmable button this might be worth it. I also kind of really like the D. pad but I wouldn’t be getting these just for the D. pad Horry has the D. pad joy-con for that which is significantly cheaper also the back is like very obviously 3 D. printed. These are decent but you probably want to stick to the officially licensed hardware for a slightly less cheap feeling experience unless this quickie DepEd is really selling it for you we also have these big fat grips that you slot the switch into these are probably the least practical they’re bulky for almost no reason and they don’t pass the. test. I just feel like there’s a better way to do this you don’t need this back to peace at all just a waste of space that being said this is dope one is pretty decent the felt on the back it makes it feel pretty premium the switch slides in nicely it has a little pastor for charging even if the bottom part is a little bulky maybe it’s designed so the whole unit will stand up but it only kind it does. Honestly, the buttons feel great on here and this might have the best D. pad out of everything that I tried today it’s nice thick raised, and clicky it also comes with 3 different right stick attachments small medium and large I guess the biggest benefit to something like this is that your switch is kind of protected if you drop it onto a flat surface only really be damaged from the top. Is beautiful when I feel like if that’s your concern you probably want to go with something like a nerf case something whose sole purpose is just to protect your switch and don’t worry I’ve saved the worst for last we’ve got these Kim vocal ones it’s just words stupid that’s point these are very similar to the dope ones they even have the same thumb sticks and a very similar DepEd. But there were worse in a lot of ways for example it doesn’t come with the thumb stick attachments that the dope one comes with it only comes with the sh the small one the DepEd is good but it isn’t as quick as the dope one also the grip is very tight on the switch so tight that I was a little nervous jamming it in there. The plastic is overall a lot cheaper feeling and the switch sticks out of the top so it doesn’t even protect the switch very well worst of all it’s ugly as sin. It also holds your switch hostage so once you use it you can never have it back. The key vocal grip is $36 for $4 more you can get the superior Dolby grips which are $40 but for the same price, you could just get the hoary split pad which is more compact and has a turbo button and assignable backboards thanks for $10 more than that you can just get the bigger box controllers which are also wireless and have motion controls the only thing here is that there might be some manufacturing defects. Even though I’m staring at the. QC passed the sticker on the back. Maybe Kevin Kansans didn’t QC pass basically out of everything that I tried today I still think that the hoary splint pad provides a great value if you’ve got an extra 10 Bucks the RGB been Bach joy-con are a better value but only if you happen to get a good one like I did do you need anything like this to make your switch experience that much better now. I mostly play in docked mode I am perfectly content with my S. 730 pro in my programs roller but see if you like laying around with your switch propped up on your chest you might find some good options here just be careful of all that Ali express gaffe that has flooded Amazon recently most of it isn’t worth saving the extra couple of Bucks for. So you guys think about all of these big fat joy-con options is this something that you’ve been thinking about investing into usually when you get in your system you wanted these controllers something like this but patter these things it’s hard to justify because this is only for one player but something like the big box you can use for us the second player eventually anyway let me know you think very using the stuff we’ve been interested in any of the stuff we will with house block me on Twitter any this other social media garbage, of course, we got new videos here all the time at least once a week we also got videos on says wealth and clips on slash wolf den podcast those are also at least weekly we also got streams on twitch.TV slash wolf then I’m probably live there right now to go live with the days I post these videos oh and I forgot Amazon links are in the description below for everything I talk about hearing those links to help support our channels if you’re saying this stuff that helps us out thank you very much also thank you express VPN dropping support this channel to it is February ad rates are low right now of course the most important thing to help support this channel right here is just subscribing thank you very much and turn on notifications only if you want to watch every new video and share this video with a friend who is in these little knick-knacks do Hickey’s maybe wants one for themselves thank you very much I was not very good we love you so much.

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